Elixir of Distress – „Kontynent” Winterheart Music „Kontynent” is the first album from Polish horde Elixir of Distress.This is an ice-cold chunk of black metal, showcasing much versatility in songwriting. Although it is a blueprint for all we know black metal to be, this album is very unique, and distinctive in its own style. Nothing […]


Spectral – „Neural Correlates of Hate” Loud Rage Music Technical death metal can be broadly classified into two types; one, where the “death” dominates while the other being where the progressive influences govern the sound and the technical aspects override song construction. Number of bands playing the former is definitely much more. This band contributes […]


Mormânt de Snagov – „Depths Below Space and Existence” Pest Records Mormânt de Snagov is Finnish black metal band with a Romanian name, which means “Grave of Snagov” after a city from Romaniatvhat has been toiling away since 2008. The four piece has released a steady stream of material over the years, including two full […]