Lectern – „Precept of Delator” Via Nocturna Yes, it is. This is truly a rise for Italian combo called Lectern, from a fairly generic Death Metal group to an almost Iconic modern Death Metal outfit all thanks to this monstrous (for lack of a more apt word) effort. This is one of the most „professional” […]


Grin – „A Scanner Darkly + Promo ’98” Deformeathing Production „The very beggining of the band was in 1989, when in Sopot group Major Smiss was created. Young musicians, inspired by bands like Coroner, Mekong Delta or early Megadeth immidiately gathered attention of local fans, which caused them to book many gigs with bands like […]


Banisher – „Oniric Delusions” Deformeathing Production Polish Death Metal Combo from Rzeszów might have just crafted the perfect metal album with „Oniric Delusions”. Therein it contains everything that is great about metal and even music in general. You name it, it has it, atmosphere, brutality, beauty, melancholy, majesty, technicality, musicianship, longevity and all are extremely […]