Dominate – „Cálicem Serpente” Black Serpent Records „The band was consolidated in 2008 in Manizales – Colombia, looking for a sound of its own, we started with the Black union with Thrash metal, where we shape our ideological concepts that deal with Paganism, Occultism, World Wars, philosophy, the return of Man to his mystical union […]


War Legion – „Gran Satanás” Independent Limited Edition – 200 Copies „The War as the hegemonic principle, the strength and dominance of the adverse seed that survives in every corner of the universe, led Purson Dominus (Drums) in October 2015 to forge a belligerent Black Metal horde in Pereira City from Colombia summoning its ally […]


The Nightstalker – „A Journey in Hell” Wolfshade Records The Nightstalker is a atmospheric dark metal band, a one-man project leading by Serpent who also is a bass player in Belgium Ambient/Black Metal horde Sercati who is strongly connected to his solo project The Nigtstalker.The two bands share a same concept that is the narrative […]