Hereza – „I Become Death” Godz ov War Productions “Is there any true Death metal worshipper that don´t miss the good times when Swedish Death ruled the earth???”These two Croatians just continue to do it time and again…Could it be something in their drinking water? Whatever it is, they have no problems churning out instant […]


Ritual Lair – „Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)” Godz ov War Productions MC / DIGITAL Those Poles plays the raw style of Death/Black, the 80’s-based.In the right purpose just to spew out old school black metal / death this album is a gem.With a fuck your god-attitude this album makes me think […]


HELL’S CORONATION – „Antichristian Devotion” Godz Ov War Productions MC / DIGITAL First, almost every Polish band is known for their technical prowess, which often overencompasses actual song composition. This is not the case with Hell’s Coronation; while still very competent musically, they seem to put more emphasis on song-writing, which is a very welcome […]