Malefic By Design – „Definitive Indication of Supremacy” More Hate Productions Malefic By Design is a Finnish blackened death metal group formed in 2015 and comprises of heavily seasoned long term metal musicians. The members of Malefic By Design have released several previous efforts through multiple bands as Searing Meadow, Ablaze In Hatred, Fall of […]


Demonic Obedience – „Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation” Satanath Records Limited Edition – 500 Copies After emerging from the ashes of Deceptive Incarnation, Demonic Obedience has steadily been building up strength from the inception of their debut „Morbid Supremacy of Evil”, from a primal blast of pure speed much in the same style as Deicide […]


Surgery – „Absorbing Roots” Support Underground Limited Edition – 337 Copies Slovakian Surgery on their second album are as purist and stripped down as Death Metal can possibly be, and „Absorbing Roots” is the perfect example: no pompous keyboards, no sappy pseudo-romantic female vocals, no pretentious pseudo-epic song structures – just raw guttural vocals, simple […]