Horrorscope – „Altered Worlds Practice” Defense Records Horrorscope is active since 1997 and is one of the most known Polish Thrash Metal act, brings some fresh sounding tracks and essentials of aggressive riffing with sharpened, fast beating tempos. Classic heavy metal albums are getting rarer and rarer to find today. The same goes for thrash […]


Leech – „Cyanide Christ” Defense Records This album originally saw the light of the night in 2013 with complicity of LL Production and thanks to Defense Records talent in finding albums that got lost somewhere in the swing of other items on the metal market, we have the opportunity to listen to guitar wizard Magnus […]


+ MROME + – „Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell” Promo 2018 +MROME+ is entirely a studio project hailing from Poland with two members on board Key V – vocals, guitars and P – drums. Well this is not your everyday metal. +MROME+ steps out of the mould and breaks endless amounts of boundaries, […]