Soul Dissolution – „Nowhere” GS Productions Limited edition – 150 Copies When I first heard EP „Nowhere” a few weeks ago, I instantly fell in love. I listened to Soul Dissolution previous records, a debut album “Pale Distant Light” and this year second full lenght „Stardust” a countless amount of times, and the brilliance of […]


Dalkhu – „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” Godz ov War Productions Glorious. „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” – the kind of album while listening to it someone has to ask himself why there hasn’t existed something similar before. Thereby the fundamentals are quite obvious: A production so unutterable black and reachable still escaping the clutching limbs in […]


Prezir – „As Rats Devour Lions” Godz ov War Productions Only so much can be understood about such excellent albums as this through the words that would-be reviewers choose to describe them with…so before I continue, honestly, BUY THIS! If you’re a black metal fan, you definately won’t regret it. Prezir is a band that […]