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Cultist – „Chants of Sublimation” Morbid Chapel Records Cultist is Italian/Norwegian project with members of Urarv, Dauden, Darvaza and Fides Inversa. You could feel a slight disillusionment, since the EP only features 23 minutes of playing time (although we are happy with 23 minutes of high quality songs). At the core of their somber tone […]


Bottom – „Epidemo” Deformeathing Production Hateful Music Terrorism,a borderland of grindcore / hardcore / death metal / crossover / crust punk…Generally Bottom is one big grinding insanity.Sound – a wall of guitars, very different tempo of the section and two screaming / growling vocals. The subject matter of the texts focuses on the social and […]


Dekapited – „Sin misericordia” Defense Records Originated in the Commune of Macul, the Chilean old school thrashers DEKAPITED has constantly been expanding their horizon since their formation in 2006.Throughout all of their releases, they clearly demonstrated their ruthless skills to play violent music just like the masters of Latin American thrash metal. „Sin misericordia” (Without […]