Hell’s Coronation – „Unholy Blades of the Devil” Godz ov War Productions Tape Limited Edition – 100 Copies Issued by Godz Ov War Productions (cassette), Black Death Production and Under the Sign of Garazel Productions (CD), „Unholy Blades of the Devil” contains five numbers of unhurried, doom-shaped black metal.It’s about time for another evil-bastard from […]


Judaswiege – „Ashes of the Heretic” Godz ov War Productions Tape Limited Edition – 100 Copies Judaswiege are a band from Spain that plays a mixture of black, death, thrash and speed metal.Judaswiege is the German word for „The Cradle of Judas,” an ancient instrument of torture used by the Spanish Inquisition.The band emerged when […]


Kingdom – „Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground” Godz ov War Productions Polish death metallers Kingdom are at it again, releasing yet another slab of their unique brand of death metal. Over the span of three previous full-length recordings,demo,split and one EP,Kingdom accomplished the truly remarkable feat of carving out a signature sound for themselves […]