Evulse – „Call of the Void” Demo – Digipack Godz ov War Productions Disgusting death metal from Oakland, California with members of Mortuous, Swamp Witch and Augurs. Evulse released their debut demo „Call of the Void” on the Febuary 15th 2019 via Polish label Godz Ov War Productions as 4 panel digipack. What we got […]


Gruzja – „I iść dalej” Godz ov War Productions From Godz Ov War Productions comes Polish black metal band, Gruzja and to be honest this album was sadly overlooked by me for a „long” time. Not to say I didn’t listen to it, but it took me a long time to genuinely „hear” it.In retrospect, […]


Heresy – „Blasphēmia” Pest Records Heresy is a Costa Rican Thrash Metal band created on April 2011 by Jos Raley (main vocals and rhythm guitars) and Blop Heresy (bass and backing vocals),who still form the main core of Heresy to this day. Heresy may not be the most original of bands. They play a style […]