1.Slava Tchortu! Abhordium has been in existence for 13 years already, yet it is not nearly as well known as many of the other Finnish Death/ Black Metal bands that have been around that long. Standard question – Could you introduce to Absit Omen readers your band’s early history – how it came to be etc…?


Hails! It was back in 2004 when Arttu and the former members had a few black metal projects going on, but within a year they had the idea that it would be cool to play death metal also. So Abhordium was formed in 2005 and at first the purpose was to play brutal death metal, but over time the band has evolved slowly towards black metal.



2.Abhordium have released fresh stuff „Omega Prayer”. How can you see this record from the present perspective when it is already out? Has everything turned out as it should be?


We’re glad that we finally managed to release it and in our opinion it is a milestone on our path. There has been so much improvement compared to our earlier stuff and it took us a lot of time and effort to make this record sound the way we wanted it be. It’s also satifying to hear that people like this album and the feedback has been really good. So yes almost everything has turned out as it should be.


3.I appreciate very much that your music has its own atmosphere, spirit, depth and complexity. I feel there something spiritual, transcendent, chaotic, and not only rhythmic music just for fun and head banging. Can you see your music in this direction as well?


Thanks, it’s always satifying to hear this kind of appreciation towards our art and that some people try to have more in-depth understanding of it. Yes of course we see it as well. Some of the songs were composed with an idea that they should have this kind of ritualistic atmosphere in them .



4.Your music is not only harmonious and simple matter; often you give room for disharmony, atonality and complexity. Has your music sounded such a way right from the beginning?What does your creative power and energy in your music mean to you? May be there something more deep and philosophic?


Our style has been chaotic and brutal from the beginning, but we’ve also wanted the songs to have some melodic parts in them. Our earlier stuff has been quite technical and somewhat experimental, but with Omega Prayer we wanted to take more straight-forward approach and it worked out very well. To us our music is a channel to focus hatred into it and that is why the songs often sound very aggressive and brutal, but there’s always been this side of introspection and delving into the human consciousness. So yes there are also these philosophical and profound thoughts in it.



5.For me personally, „Omega Prayer” is one of the best recordings of 2017, I think you brings something new to the extreme Metal … I’m not saying you are the most original band ever, but certainly there are not so many bands that would play something like Abhordium. What does originality mean to you? Do you consider yourself to be an original band?


It’s always refreshing to find new artists that have originality and uniqueness in their music. It often gives new ideas to your own music, but we don’t necessarily consider our band as very original. This is of course affected by the thing that when you make your own music and play the same songs year after year you often become kind of numb to it and you don’t hear it the same way anymore like a new listener would.



6.Where do you take inspiration for composing? Many bands are mostly inspired by music or recordings of other artists. In your music I feel you take inspiration from your subconscious, dreams, visions and so on… I suppose your dirty tones must evoke variety of dark and stray imaginations in the unconsciousness of a perceptive listener who digs deeper into your music. Do you feel alike things even at songwriting?


We are inspired by many things, from the music of other artists to movies and other forms of art. We often draw the inspiration to our music from very dark and grim subjects and we try to inculde these ideas, visions and feelings to the songs from the very beginning of the writing process.



7.I like that each song on your „Omega Prayer” is different, creative, but you still remain dark, obscure and insane, it is still Abhordium…What is your way of writing process? Do you think songs composition is one of the most important factors at songwriting? A good song requires probably many things that may seem easy at first sight…Which most important feelings must your music include to be it Abhordium song? Would you prove to describe it?


We usually try to have at least some kind of idea or feeling of what subject a new song would have or if there is no idea we just go with the flow and then concentrate on the lyrical side after we have a rough version of the song. About the composition of good songs we see that it depends on many things, what is the aim in the song? Is it supposed to be catchy and brutal or aggressive and chaotic or something between those? Or is it supposed to have a solemn and ritualistic atmosphere in it? You usually see the direction of what the song should take when you have a few riffs ready. There are mainly couple of feelings or things that we try to express through our music and they are ruthlessness, desolation and damnation.



8.Could you describe your lyrics? Apparently they are based on a number of topics … I noticed your deal with many diffrent topics related to Death, Misanthropy, Human Conflicts, Chaos, Damnation and Rituals & Dark Arts.


We’ve always been interested in the dark and grim history of mankind and also the ancient religions and thus their rituals and ceremonies and the mass hysteria concerning them. Many time periods have been very bloody and violent in history and studying these subjects create dark and deranged visions and thoughts that manifest through our music.



9.I would like to mention the cover art of „Omega Prayer”; of course, it is totally crazy and exceedingly useful for your music. How did you get this cover art? Was it designed specifically for you? Can you say something about the author?


The cover art was made by Babalon Graphics, don’t remember the name of the guy but we think he’s one the best cover artists out there. At least what we’ve seen. He’s also worked with many known bands and we were very excited when he accepted to do our cover art. We had and idea for the cover and we presented it to him and we think he did a very good job.



10. What are your ambitions for the future with Abhordium? I just find out that you released two new live videos for „At the Highest Temple” and „Plague Upon Plague”! Do you think video clips can help unknown band in the promotion nowadays?


We are aiming to release two new albums during the next 5 years and find a label that would work with us and of course we try to play as many gigs as we can here in Finland and foreign countries. The future looks promising for us so lets see what happens. We’ve noticed that many people like to watch live videos in social media, so yes we think it’s a good promotion for your band.


11.How did you promote „Omega Prayer” with live shows? Did you have any tour? Will you play in the near time at some interesting events and festivals? Is it difficult for you to travel from Finland?


We only have a couple of gigs arranged here in Finland for the next month. The live videos were recorded last spring when we had not released the album yet. We are actively searching for contacts to help us arrange gigs and we’ve been in touch with a foreign booking agency, but we haven’t come to any conclusion yet. For the foreign shows we would most likely have to pay the travel expenses by ourselves because we do not have any label to back us up, so at this point it is a bit hard to play in foreign countries, but we are of course willing to hear any offers concerning this.



12.Seems you didn’t play in any other or better-known bands, so I suppose Abhordium is your primary concern. Do you remember even the initial thoughts and ideas at the band formation? What are your feelings on it today? Do you think you are still holding your lines?


Like we said in the first question the original idea was to play brutal death metal, but we’ve slowly evolved towards black metal, since it is the genre that most of us have listened to a very long time. The lyrical side has mostly been the same since the beginning, so yes we are still holding our lines.



13.How does Finnish Black/Death Metal scene looks today? Do you think Extreme Metal is a tradition in your country? Could you recommend some great bands? Which scene from around the world is closest to you in terms of Black/Death Metal or extreme Metal in general?


We haven’t been actively following the finnish scene for awhile so we don’t have much to say about that, but yes in general Finland has been known around the world for having many extreme metal bands, so you can say it is kind of tradition in here. The polish and swedish extreme metal scene would be the closest to us and you can clearly hear their influence in our music.


14.How is it possible that from the beginning you do not have any record company behind you. This is your conscious choice because you have control over everything or maybe it is due to the reluctance to how often the labels neglect the promotion of these lesser known bands on which they can earn some money…


This question has been asked many times in the recent interviews. We’ve received some interest, but some of the offers have been either too expensive or we saw that they could not offer enough efficiency for the band. We are still currently looking for a label that would offer a reasonable deal and work with us in the future.



15.Ok, it would be all from me now, if I forgot something, feel free to write, thank you and wish success to Abhordium, many insane fans and a lot of good shows!


Thank you for this interview! To all the metal maniacs out there we would like to say that support the bands by buying their albums and merchandise, it’s the thing that keeps the scene alive!