Absque Cor – „Wędrówkę haniebnie zakończyć”
Godz ov War Productions

Absque Cor is yet another new one-man army project on the Polish black metal scene managed and manipulated by Vos.I’ve been listening to black metal a long, long time, folks. And while this fact alone certainly doesn’t qualify me as an expert in the genre, it does mean it’s becoming exceedingly more difficult for bands to bowl me over with extremity.
What seems to be the secret of this record is the atmosphere. It is gloomy and sad, but not trivial. This is a beautifuly built and crafted monolith. It doesn’t lack anything. All the songs about Nihilism, Suicide, Death….they are truly beautiful he he.
But there is more to this record than the mood itself. The music is performed nicely, with great musicmanship and a lot of passion. All the songs make sense and in some there are parts which make shivers run down my spine. And I’m talking here only about the music itself. Each song on this album has it’s own tone, and throughout the album, the drum scheme changes frequently, and the guitars are furiously picking away excellent chord progressions. Definitely not the typical simple tremolo picking that is usually seen. The sound of the guitars are standard power riffs, and some tremolo style riffage, along with some palm-muted riffs. There is also a smattering of slow, clean fingerpicking, where the melodies are beautiful and sad.They stop, start, change course mid-riff, keeps everything fresh and interesting.I have to place this along the lines of Taake, and Mgla regarding their excellent riffage…very melodic, and clean. There is very little reverb in the recording, which allows evident talent to shine forth.Drumming on „Wędrówkę haniebnie zakończyć” really needs to be recognized, as Vos does blasts, and also excellent mid-paced rhythms, to off-set the guitarwork. The drums are very straightforward and plain, but this allows more focus on the melodies, and everything melds well to conjoin as a nice, concise, and cohesive unit. There are no frivolous additives, and everything is straight to the point. I, as well as many, can appreciate moody, thoughtfully written music that is free of pretentiousness. They hide nothing, and leave nothing desired.
All the songs here are in Polish and Satan bless Vos for writing them this way because they are awesome… A must-have for those who enjoy the more melodic and melancholic side of black metal, instead of the usual low-fi type stuff that has overrun the genre.