Amoclen – „Diagnosis: Grindcore”
Defense Records

Damn this is good. 14 tracks and 20 minutes of insanity from Czech Republic. Now this is what grindcore is ALL about…none of this new scene-grind or „deathcore” bullshit to be found here. It’s filthy, disgusting, brutal, and unfriendly, pretty much what I look for when I’m listening to grindcore.With mostly grind and some death and thrash riffs this delivers in all the right ways. For vocals it’s got screams, some pitch shifted growls, and nice growling. Has some Repulsion/Napalm Death influenced riffs as well but these days who doesn’t? „Diagnosis: Grindcore” is essentially pure old-school grindcore worship in the vein of Napalm Death and friends with lots of heavy riffing, blastbeats, and really short songs; but Amoclen tends to do it in an enjoyable manner beyond what one would expect. The average pygmy-induced duration doesn’t leave a lot of room for musical room, yet multiple riffs of all walks of life slither through each tune at mind-numbing paces. Also, Amoclen melting pot of technical riffs mixes superbly with the deep growling vocals, complex percussion fills, and intense blastbeats comfortably; the overall structure is bloody and raw, just like it should be.And the vocals are absolutely sick…he’s growling, and it’s extremely low pitched. The guy pretty much sounds inhuman! Also there are high pitched and somewhat raspy screams used quite often which are done very well I might add.Amoclen play relentless high-tempo gore-ish Grindcore with a technical edge, packed with disorienting time changes employing a fairly original razor-sharp riffing style with the occasional subtly melodies and Goregrind mid-tempo breakdowns. The drumming is suprisingly varied and intense.What I’ve really taken a liking to, though, is the odd sense of melody that rarely rears its evil head, but prefers to sneak around under a veil of technicality and brevity.I would consider this an essential for anyone who is a grindcore fan. This is pure take-no-bullshit grindcore, and it’s done really fucking well. My one quarrel with this album is the length…the album seems over before you even start getting used to it. But other than that, this is basically everything I look for in a grindcore album.