Angrrsth – „Znikąd”
Godz ov War Productions

Starting off in a raging manner you’re instantly thrown in a whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and a voice evil enough to invoke death in the listener. But while you’re still getting used to the brutality „Krew i trans” takes a turn for slow, harsh and agonized black metal reminiscent of other Poles from Non Opus Dei. It’s absolutely mesmerizing and heartfelt, and the vocals sound so torturous. And then the old school Norwegian agenda sets in with some marvelous riffs, overlaid with a melodic guitar solo. Some freakin’ nuanced shit, but still sounding extremely coherent.What seems to be the secret of this debut is the atmosphere. It is gloomy and sad, but not trivial.
With superb production standards and gorgeous artwork, the Poles are very quick to catch the attention, but what I enjoyed is the superfluous sense of domain and dire beauty that permeates the album. Most Polish black metal is unswervingly ferocious, dominated by the prowess of the human machine providing the blast beats, but Angrrsth breaks away from this mold by offering breaths of cold contentment and apocalyptic awnings. Like a lot of black metal, „Znikąd” is hardly woven with catchy melodic hooks, but it presents an overall atmosphere that was a pleasure to partake of, despite the traditional aesthetics that course through the material.The majority of Angrrsth riffs are built around haunting melodies, noticeably intertwining and interlacing between each musical passage. Sure there’s a good quantity of the required ‘heads down’ blasting when necessary, but minor key melodic licks are never far away to wrap around your brain like a boa constrictor, crushing it into submission to bury its catchy hooks deep within your memory.
The music is performed nicely, with great musicmanship and a lot of passion. All the songs make sense and in some there are parts which make shivers run down my spine. And I’m talking here only about the music itself. The songs are composed in a very interesting way and often can surprise the listener.Bright tones and spacious compositions highlight the Polish lyrics, the ravings of vocalist Hermann as he both rasps and narrates the listener from a pulpit of shifting darkness.
This is without a doubt the most overwhelming first experience I’ve had with a band in a long, long time. I can’t wait for new material to emerge as this is so full of emotions, variations and extremely potent black metal.