Apatheia – „Konstelacja dziur”
Godz ov War Productions

Polish black metal bands always have the aptitude of being fast, flat and straightforward. However, there are exceptions too who tend to steady it up and fuse it with progressive and avant-garde elements. Apatheia has been one such act hailing from Mielec, Poland. Despite being a fairly new act, the band showed their potentials through their debut full-length „Konstelacja dziur”, which was released through Godz of War Productions.
This album is a big „fuck you” to all trends, posers, whiners and „evil” wannabies flooding the scene. The reason behind this statement is clearly heard on this album. Sure, there are hundreds or even thousands of bands that play similarly, some are better known, some less, some are old ,some recently formed like Apatheia.But none of them plays better or is more consistent in what they do.They play their own music, not looking back but marching onwards destroying everything on their path.First thing I noticed after listening to this release is the production. Guitars, bass, vocals, drums – I can’t imagine a better quality.Composition side is equally great, mid and fast tempos with frequent slowdowns make this album extremely interesting. Guitars generate killer riffs, backed up by the bass guitar and one of the best drum performances in metal.
All these elements are high level in their own category, but it’s combination of those that’s worth praise. All of them complete each other, creating a release that has no drawbacks and never bores a listener.To end with, „Konstelacja dziur” is a strong debut from the band, Apatheia. The band mixed and imparted their ideas well through this release. Although, there is nothing extraordinary in the music, the album will certainly provide you with some memorable moments on songs like „Boże ciało”,”Raj” and „Supernowa”. Highly recommended.