Astarium – „Drum-Ghoul”
Symbol of Domination Prod.
Limited edition – 500 Copies

Russia’s Astarium a solo project of SiN have returned with a new recording that continues his symphonic style of black metal from previous releases
There are many transitionson on „Drum-Ghoul”, with stormy soundscapes, lush pianos, and very dynamic tempo changes. One moment you will feel peaceful and at ease, then all of a sudden you are swept into a whirlwind of darkness and despair. The album as a whole has a very medieval and ambient feel to it, with many sound samples used throughout..The music at first sounds very basic and simple, yet the way that so many different keyboard parts and sound effects are blended, along with the amazingly dynamic transitions (you can never predict what will happen next) make the album very deep and complex both musically and emotionally. Listen a bit longer, and the many instruments begin to seamlessly weave melodies which effortlessly flow in and around one another.
Most ambient music is either mired by repetitious mediocrity or too schizophrenic to do what it sets out to do effectively and efficiently.Astarium stands at a crossroads in that it is somber and subdued but also carries a certain fluidity to keep listeners engaged. Listening to Astarium is like listening to a chain of simple melodies and harmonies all stitched together to create a beautifully complicated sonic tapestry of a rich symphony of cascading melodies.
„Drum-Ghoul” is heavy on symphonics…We are talking about bombastic melodies both on the background and foreground, melodies which have been perfected to an almost unbelievable extent. I’ve heard this kind of music being called „majestic black metal” and I cannot help but nod my head in awe as I listen to the majesty contained here.We shouldn’t, however, forget the elements of BM, which are there and not weakened a bit.
Another important element of music is emotion and atmosphere. Astarium excels, again.Having heard this album countless times by now, I’m still discovering new things. What’s important is letting your imagination loose and only by doing that can you get the most out of „Drum-Ghoul”. The atmospheres vary – depending on the track it can conjure the vastness of space, the majesty of the divine or the wonders of nature.The impression I get from this release is that I am alone wandering through a dark empty snow covered forest without any sense of purpose. The atmosphere is very overwhelming…
This is overall an amazing album for fans of orchestral black metal. While this in no way features real symphonic instuments the arrangements of the synth and MIDI string sections are convincingly rich; not at all giving rise to comparisons of ‚casio-metal’ that some so-called orchestral bands might engender. One is left with a desire to listen to this release again and again to pull all the musical complexity out of it, and it makes for a rewarding listening experience. Highly reccomended.