Bottom – „Epidemo”
Deformeathing Production

Hateful Music Terrorism,a borderland of grindcore / hardcore / death metal / crossover / crust punk…Generally Bottom is one big grinding insanity.Sound – a wall of guitars, very different tempo of the section and two screaming / growling vocals. The subject matter of the texts focuses on the social and political aspects of life and the modern world, and basically on the stigma of stupidity and sick systems, not forgetting the internal struggle of every human being with his weaknesses. On the account, a lot of concerts, two EPs and three LP discs.Musicians in the past or now associated with such crews as: Fetor, Psychoneurosis, Clinica Muerte, Deviation, Hellspawn, Infatuation of Death, Scabies, Mordynga, Father Dictator.
Over the course of the past 23 years, Bottom has symbolized the epitome in extreme music and continues to do so today.What makes it so amazing is how it is a proper throwback to what many call the glory days. None of the death metal experimentation here,it is brutal, short and boy does it tear your face off.I knew this band with the latest full lenght „Psychofilia” (awesome) and when I listened to this one I fell immediately in love too…this is what I call “pure ignorance death/grind” and that ain’t about fucking noise; this is pure violence through great songs, always inspired and catchy. The song writing is always a very important component in the music and Bottom don’t forget about it!”Pandemia” a first track immediately explains what we would expect from this album: violence, catchy riffs and refrains and speed!!!”Epidemo” is an absolutely blasting record, a full-on pummeling take on the death-grindcore template, with Gigol delivering what may be his most violent vocal performance on record.The songs themselves vary from straight grinders to crust punk to death metal, often incorporating elements from all three in one track. These constant onslaughts maintain both brutality as well as an ample amount of groove to them and provide countless opportunities to head bang until your neck is cracked and broken. It’s absolutely vicious stuff, much harder than anything else in Bottom discography. And Tomasz ZED Zalewski gives it the treatment it deserves. The guitars are punchy and loud without being over-distorted. The drums are tight and well-balanced. Gigol and Ojciec voices are right at the fore. A well-recorded album.Try to imagine a great mix of the best things done by „small” groups like Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Carcass and put it together with a great component of early hardcore and maybe you can find the true group’s essence. We are not talking about modern things or sounds, this is pure brutality looking always to the past. Albums like this one are a must in a metal scene always more and more full of technical musicians without passion and heart.
„Epidemo” is pure insane grinding brutality,listen to this one and try not to escape with bleeding ears. Passion, brutality, sincerity, speed and inspiration…the receipts for an awesome album in this case.