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by Mariano

  1.”You cannot lose playing Death Metal.” Is this the thought that crossed your mind when you started putting a new band together in the summer of 2011 which started in Norway upon your immigration from Poland? Obviously, your previous connections with Patricide or Victimized had something to do with you staying on this path… […]


by Mariano

1.Banisher was formed in 2005. Unroll the parchment and tell us the stories of your quite brief livid existence.   The band was formed by me and Michał Such in July 2005 in Rzeszów. After half year of playing, we’ve recorded first demo “Sorrow of Death” and next year we’ve recorded EP “Human Sacrifice”. Since […]


by Mariano

  1.Hell-o! For those who might not be familiar with the band, do a little introduction to our readers… Necrography, putrid facts, most famous victims and the remains…   Hell, Kingdom is alive since 2002, in our discography we have 3 full lenght albums, one demo, one split and one ep. Actually we work on […]