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by Mariano

  1.What happened lately in the camp of Trauma? I didn’t hear about you since quite some time, until the re-edition version of your first demo „Invisible Reality” done by Deformeathing Production arrived in my postal box, and shew you’re still alive and quite kicking! I’m not aware of the last happenings, maybe you played […]


by Mariano

  1.Just briefly, tell us how Grin originally formed and how the band got back together after so long.   Hello! The band was formed on the basis of another Major Smiss band in Sopot. The leader of this, Marcin Bożęcki after a lot of unpleasant encounters with unruly musicians in the composition decided to […]


by Mariano

  1.”You cannot lose playing Death Metal.” Is this the thought that crossed your mind when you started putting a new band together in the summer of 2011 which started in Norway upon your immigration from Poland? Obviously, your previous connections with Patricide or Victimized had something to do with you staying on this path… […]