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by Mariano

  1.Alright, you guys are more obscure than most grim Death/Thrash Metal bands out there and I couldn’t find much about you, so we’ll go with some generic stuff to introduce the band… You guys have been around for a couple of years or so. How did Discordia get started?   Jerry: For me the […]


by Mariano

  1.Hails Zmor, Moloh & Wij. Thanks for the interview. At first do you want to tell me a few things about the Proch?   (Zmor) Hails. Sure! We’re Proch – black metal horde from Silesia!       2. Recently you recorded a new material „Promo 2016″.I think that you improved some key elements […]


by Mariano

1.Hail Hugo. Thanks a lot for the interview. Shall we begin with some information about The Sorcerer? The Sorcerwer was formed in Lisbon in 1994. I’m curious to know what the Metal scene in Portugal was like back in those days. Obviously the Black and Gothic-Doom scene in Portugal was very strong when you started […]