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by Mariano

  1.Hell-o! For those who might not be familiar with the band, do a little introduction to our readers… Necrography, putrid facts, most famous victims and the remains…   Hell, Kingdom is alive since 2002, in our discography we have 3 full lenght albums, one demo, one split and one ep. Actually we work on […]


by Mariano

  1.Alright, you guys are more obscure than most grim Death/Thrash Metal bands out there and I couldn’t find much about you, so we’ll go with some generic stuff to introduce the band… You guys have been around for a couple of years or so. How did Discordia get started?   Jerry: For me the […]


by Mariano

  1.Hails Zmor, Moloh & Wij. Thanks for the interview. At first do you want to tell me a few things about the Proch?   (Zmor) Hails. Sure! We’re Proch – black metal horde from Silesia!       2. Recently you recorded a new material „Promo 2016″.I think that you improved some key elements […]