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by Mariano

  1.What was the main reason to create Funeral Baptism?Describe the thoughts you had in conceptualizing the kind of band you wanted Funeral Baptism to be.   Basically I wanted to create a really fast, atmospheric Black Metal project. Combining Death Metal and Black metal but letting the brutality of death metal apart just certain […]


by Mariano

  1.Greetings Zepar and congratulations to Hell’s Coronation incredible debut „Antichristian Devotion”! Do you personally also still feel good about the record or is there anything which you’d like to change about it already?   Hail Satan! Thanx for a good word about our squalid debut. From the start i like this interview hahaha. We […]


by Mariano

1. After five years of hiatus Ritual Liar is back.EP „Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)”, was released on Godz ov War Productions in February 2017 on tape and later in September 2017 on cd by Fallen Temple. Would you say this album represents Ritual Liar in exactly the way you wanted – […]