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by Mariano

1.This is the first question, so as often there will be no surprise with this first request. The macerating introspection begins, shout the first words to evocate the spirit of Lectern, the words that awake our inner sleeping morbid interest. Introduce Lectern to our putrid readers, and if possible give us some biographical details.   […]


by Mariano

  1.Slava Tchortu!Firstly I have to say that I respect Ashes of Nowhere very much and I still listen to your fantastic debut „Emptiness” which is for me one of the best albums recorded A.B. 2016! Could you give me a brief history of the group? How you guys came together and why you decided […]


by Mariano

  1.Misanthropic Rage was established in 2015 as a result of a mutual desire to conjure up the mysteries of nature, history, old mythology and poetry, as well as exploring and expressing certain mental states. Can you talk about how the band came to be in existence, and what the process of starting up a […]