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by Mariano

1.Slava Tchortu!Thanks for doing this interview with Absit Omen! Let us go back in time a bit first. The band formed in 1995 under the name Lloth and released one demo in 1997 „Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil” and soon after changed name into Astarte and stay under this name upto 2014.Once the […]

Yana Raymi

by Mariano

1.Greetings Jhon.It is a pleasure to interview you and introduce a your band to fellow metal maniacs.What are you up to these days? Greetings. Thanks for considering us for this interview. These days the band is finalizing details to start recording our second album, which will feature 6 new songs plus an intro. We have […]


by Mariano

1.Hell-o Ayvaal! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. How’s everything with the band?Satanath Records has just released your „Newborn Serpent” album worldwide. How are the reactions thus far? Are they anywhere near what you expected?Ave Mariano, thank you for the interview opportunity. Everything with the band is great, we are glad that […]