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by Mariano

1.Well Peter, how are you?Tell us about the formation of Inverted Pentagram and give us a biography. What got you into Metal as a youth? Hello, I’m very well, thank you. Inverted Pentagram originally started around 1991 when members of Belphegor (NL) and Satanic Death joined forces to try to create something new. Belphegor played […]


by Mariano

1.Congratulations on releasing such a great debut album-fucking killer!!!. What kind of expectations do you have on it? How long did it take to write/record the whole album? Tell us something about the recording process, like studios, producer… Lianne Krossburner: Oh, do you think so? Hehe Well, thank you very much for your words. We […]


by Mariano

1.Slava Tchortu! Tell us something about the formation of the band back in the 2011. G/ — Proph (drums/electronics) and I started the band together to explore darker territories musically, in which I wanted to explore my Left Hand Path spirituality as the basis of the Lyrics and the bands Presentation. Proph and I had […]