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Written in Torment

by Mariano

1.Slava Tchortu! Thanks for doing this interview with ABSIT OMEN! As you’ve recently made your first appearance on AB, perhaps you could introduce your band and tell us how the project started?What were the reasons for forming Written in Torment, was this something you wanted to do for a long time, but couldn’t due to […]

Inhumane Rites

by Mariano

1.Slava Tchortu!Satanic Greetings Azoth!First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking time to speak with me brother! Holy fuck! You simply rule! I have actually known you from the awesome 2007 Ep „Evil Vengeance”. Frankly spoken I did not expect that yours new tracks to be that venomous! How do you look upon […]

Arx Atrata

by Mariano

1.First off, I must ask you about the way you create and play your music. To be frank, I really like the mood of atmospheric black metal you try to achieve. I guess you agree it’s not that commonplace these days. There is not much to be said; usually the songs are written piece by […]