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The Solemn Curse

by Mariano

1.Hell-o! Thanks for doing this interview with me. It refreshing to hear a death/black metal band that at once sounds evil and hateful, while retaining some semblance of melody and structure. Are you happy with the reception and reaction towards your new album? 1) that’s definitely what we tend to aim for. Most bands / […]

Demonic Obedience

by Mariano

1.Hi George! Thanks for doing this interview with AB! What are you currently up to? Hi there! It’s my pleasure and honour to be interview by you and thank you very much for that. Those days I am totally focused on the new Demonic Obedience’s album which will be titled ‘’Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen’’.Achilleas, […]

Written in Torment

by Mariano

1.Slava Tchortu! Thanks for doing this interview with ABSIT OMEN! As you’ve recently made your first appearance on AB, perhaps you could introduce your band and tell us how the project started?What were the reasons for forming Written in Torment, was this something you wanted to do for a long time, but couldn’t due to […]