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by Mariano

Tryhm – „Labyrinth” Heerwegen Tod Production Baron first solo dark ambient opus „Labyrinth” is one of the more well thought out releases of dark ambient in last year. Apart from innovations and such from other project goals, especially from black metal (ProFanatism) and death metal (Elegis), Baron has put his entire soul into the creation […]


by Mariano

Yayla – „Pas.to.rale” Merdümgiriz After five years of keeping Yayla in hiatus and focusing on the experimental black metal project Blliigghhtted and controversial creative outlet Viranesir, Emir Toğrul returning to his black metal roots with the fifth Yayla full length called „Pas.to.rale”.And to be honest I find this album to be the most frightening black […]


by Mariano

Obscura Amentia – „The Art of the Human Decadence” Sliptrick Records Obscura Amentia is Italian studio-band formed by Hel (female screamer and lyrics) and Black Charm (multi-instrumentalist).”The Art of the Human Decadence” is third full-length and It is so exciting to see that the true spirit of doom and black are kept alive in this […]