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by Mariano

Szamot – „Astral Domina” Independent Recent years are not the best for purely instrumental music – probably because we have become accustomed to vocal and we often treat music without it as something empty, unfinished. Fortunately, despite the unfavorable trend, there are still albums without vocals that are worth bending over.One of these discs is […]


by Mariano

Druj – „Chants to Irkalla” Godz ov War Productions „Chants to Irkalla” is the debut full-length of Anchorage based band Druj, and it’s utterly monstrous. The ‘blackened sludge’ label they use to describe their music is more or less accurate, but it doesn’t come close to conveying the sickening heaviness of this release. „Chants to […]


by Mariano

Angrrsth – „Znikąd” EP Godz ov War Productions Starting off in a raging manner you’re instantly thrown in a whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and a voice evil enough to invoke death in the listener. But while you’re still getting used to the brutality „Krew i trans” takes a turn for slow, harsh […]