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Grave Desecration / Vlad / Putrid / Diabolous666 – „Impious Noise Massacre”

by Mariano

Grave Desecration / Vlad / Putrid / Diabolous666 – „Impious Noise Massacre” Pentagram Records Thank’s to Evil Avatar guitarist player of Diabolous666 and Putrid I have a chance to listen „Impious Noise Massacre” (Split).As I mention this is a split shared between four Peruwian hordes:Grave Desecration,Putrid,Dibolous666 and Vlad.Each one recorded two songs of this material. […]

Christfuck-„HellGoat Militia”

by Mariano

Christfuck-„HellGoat Militia” Mercyful Hell Prods Pure fucking evil black/thrash metal!!! Yngve influence combines everything from old Sepultura,Sodom,Possessed to Toxic Holocaust, cumulative ideas and musical apparition. It’s a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death/black and thrash metal.Christfuck put out a pretty good Black Thrash Metal album on the „HellGoat […]

Haeretical Psalmody – „Heretic” Unsigned Independent

by Mariano

Haeretical Psalmody-„Heretic”Unsigned/independentIt is great pleasure that I can confirm that the Haeretical Psalmody debut „Heretic”offering a very good sound quality yet retains that all important unpolished feel with the atmosphere of darkness and fear.With there roots firmly implanted within the Black Metal genre, the band have brought in more of a Death Metal vibe as […]