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by Mariano

Necandi Homines – „Da’at” Vacula Productions Probably my favorite thing about this album is that it manages to be both incredibly creepy and very musically interesting. There’s no pointless technical noodling here – Necandi Homines clearly have a singular vision of the atmosphere they wanted to create with this album, and every one of the […]


by Mariano

Gravewards – „Subconscious Lobotomy” Independent Cassette Limited Edition – 300 Copies This band really made my jaw hit the floor. I didn’t think anyone made death metal like this anymore. Wow…simply wow. This is one of the heaviest, most crushing assaults of death I’ve heard in years, without being filled with pointless blastbeats and indecipherable […]


by Mariano

Deathwinter – „Manifestations of Death” Iron, Blood and Death Corporation CD -Limited edition 500 copies Since if you managed to find your way here, you are probably already somewhat familiar with Aussie Deathwinter. I had high hopes for this debut album, manifested strictly for bestial black metal fanatics, and for the most part am satisfied […]