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by Mariano

Necrophor – „Reborn” Sliptrick Records Swedish group Necrophor was founded with the purpose to spread “The Word of Chaos” by Henrik Eriksson in late 2012. Shortly afterwards he recruited two of his old comrades from Stormrider (Sweden) and the project came to life. Between 2013 and 2015 the trio recorded three 3-track promos that were […]


by Mariano

Worselder – „Paradigms Lost” Sliptrick Records WORSELDER is French band which is playing a brutal mix of traditional Metal meets 90’s Hardcore type sounds / meets a Stoner in Thrash alley.The band is deeply and proudly committed to its Pyrenean roots; it influences the atmosphere of their music, which is both dark and optimistic with […]


by Mariano

Astarium – „Drum-Ghoul” Symbol of Domination Prod. Limited edition – 500 Copies Russia’s Astarium a solo project of SiN have returned with a new recording that continues his symphonic style of black metal from previous releases There are many transitionson on „Drum-Ghoul”, with stormy soundscapes, lush pianos, and very dynamic tempo changes. One moment you […]