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by Mariano

Apatheia – „Konstelacja dziur” Godz ov War Productions Polish black metal bands always have the aptitude of being fast, flat and straightforward. However, there are exceptions too who tend to steady it up and fuse it with progressive and avant-garde elements. Apatheia has been one such act hailing from Mielec, Poland. Despite being a fairly […]


by Mariano

Weight of Emptiness – „Anfractuous Moments for Redemption” Independent / Sun Empire Productions This band is definitely worth checking out if you like instrumental, progressive style metal, as well as doom, death or even melo-death metal.This Chilean band plays an amazingly good mix of doom metal, mixed with plenty melodic tunes. The guitar solos complement […]


by Mariano

Hallux Valgus – „Death Will Prevail” EP – 500 Copies Ex Nihilo Music   First of all, the production on Hallux Valgus debut effort is ultra-pure. I’m not hearing a lot of processing at all. Everything is just given its proper space, recorded very loudly, and put out right where it should be. The performances […]