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by Mariano

Dekapited – „Sin misericordia” Defense Records Originated in the Commune of Macul, the Chilean old school thrashers DEKAPITED has constantly been expanding their horizon since their formation in 2006.Throughout all of their releases, they clearly demonstrated their ruthless skills to play violent music just like the masters of Latin American thrash metal. „Sin misericordia” (Without […]


by Mariano

Gnida – „S.Y.F.” Defense Records „S.Y.F.” is the debut material of the Polish Brutal Death/Grindcore combo Gnida, at that time a two-person project. ”Gnida” is Polish for ”nit” (louse egg) and ”scumbag”.The material originally appeared in 2012 and recently is re-released by Defense Records.”S.Y.F.” stands for „Sturdy Yawping Faeces”.That would be enough regarding the introduction […]


by Mariano

Immense Decay – „Combat Thrash” Defense Records Immense Decay is Polish thrash metal band formed in 2005 in Elblag.Group recorded 2 full-lenght albums,self-released debut pro CD-R „KillZone” in 2009 and in 2011 „From Ashes till Remains” released by Killing Force. „Combat Thrash”is latest effort released by underground Polish label Defense Records. These guys fit right […]