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by Mariano

Weight of Emptiness – „Anfractuous Moments for Redemption” Independent / Sun Empire Productions This band is definitely worth checking out if you like instrumental, progressive style metal, as well as doom, death or even melo-death metal.This Chilean band plays an amazingly good mix of doom metal, mixed with plenty melodic tunes. The guitar solos complement […]


by Mariano

Hallux Valgus – „Death Will Prevail” EP – 500 Copies Ex Nihilo Music   First of all, the production on Hallux Valgus debut effort is ultra-pure. I’m not hearing a lot of processing at all. Everything is just given its proper space, recorded very loudly, and put out right where it should be. The performances […]


by Mariano

Reinfection – „Breeding Hate” Deformeathing Production Brutal death/gore/grind masters are coming back with their new full-length album. This album proves that Poland’s Reinfection still have it in them after such a period of time to create some of the catchiest, kickass grind ever. This album is no exception to their formula for extremely fast and […]