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by Mariano

GraveCoven – „Coughing Blood” EP Digipak Godz ov War Productions The California GraveCoven duo uses the Polish Godz ov War Productions to release their debut album entitled „Coughing Blood”.This record was not what I was expecting at all. I know the band had been kicking around in the underground for a few years but I […]


by Mariano

Death Kommander – „Summer Offensive ’18” Demo Independent Limited Edition – 50 Copies   Nobody is going to deceive or deceive anyone here, everything is clear from the very beginning of this debut demo.The reason of forming Death Kommander was tribute to Bolt Thrower. Death Kommander was founded by George Davelas from Demonic Obedience and […]


by Mariano

Eskhaton – „Omegalitheos” Lavadome Productions Eskhaton seems to be becoming one of the more recognized death metal bands in the Australia currently. I feel like they are not getting quite enough attention as they should because they definitely stand out more than many other underground death metal bands.There are many over rated bands that have […]