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by Mariano

Fetor – „No Poems Just Slam – Live at Grind’em All Fest” Mythrone Promotion / Infernum Media Limited Edition – 500 Copies Blasting, grinding, chugging, pig squealing, and to the point, Fetors first live album, “No Poems Just Slam” recorded in Klub Muzyczny Spółdzielnia Dom Qltury at Grind’Em All Fest on October 24th, 2015 , […]


by Mariano

Top Sekret – „Piggy Op” Defense Records OK, so it’s short. Who The Fuck Cares?! This is blistering, blasting, face-melting grindcore at its best. Top Sekret play fucking furious Grindcore, no Gore, no splatter, simply Grindcore, politcally incorrect, lyrically funny,weird and interesting. The -core suffix holds true here, due to the sheer amounts of punk […]


by Mariano

Amoclen – „Diagnosis: Grindcore” Defense Records Damn this is good. 14 tracks and 20 minutes of insanity from Czech Republic. Now this is what grindcore is ALL about…none of this new scene-grind or „deathcore” bullshit to be found here. It’s filthy, disgusting, brutal, and unfriendly, pretty much what I look for when I’m listening to […]