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by Mariano

Spasm of Charity / Astarium – „Radiation of Happiness” Collaboration – Limited edition / 50 Copies, Pro CD-R, Digifile Marbre Negre As a person who was witnessing (and into) the first synth-releases of the early- and mid-nineties coming to the Black Metal underground (in part because of the great label Cold Meat Industry, in part […]


by Mariano

Psychotropic Transcendental – „.​.​.lun yolina un yolina thu Dar​-​davogh.​.​.” Self-Released Official distribution by Deformeathing Production Psychotropic Transcendental is an obscure band where I come from. I literally knew nothing of this band until I got this release in a promo package from Deformeathing Production and upon hearing immediately fell in love. There is just something […]


by Mariano

Dominhate – „Emissaries of Morning” EP Lavadome Productions Dominhate is from Pordenone in Italy and start their musical journey in 2008. Following the path of such bands as Morbid Angel and Incantation, the band evolved its style, wisely dosing the old and modern.Well, this band has done a good job of staying under the radar […]