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by Mariano

Reinfection – „They Die For Nothing” Deformeathing Production Re-edition of the REINFECTION’s cult debut album released by the Deformeathing Production.In the re-edition, original tracks, recorded in Izabelin Studio, are presented in their original form. No re-mastering nor sound processing were applied. Ultra brutal death/gore/grind in its purest form! This album is probably the best grindcore […]


by Mariano

Ape To God – „The Head Meets The Tail” Deformeathing Production Ape To God signs with Deformeathing Production to release debut full-length album called “The Head Meets The Tail”. The band from Lublin/Poland combines elements of thrash, grind, death and groove metal with dystopian and anti-religious themes as well as commentary on society & politics. […]


by Mariano

Soul Dissolution – „Nowhere” GS Productions Limited edition – 150 Copies When I first heard EP „Nowhere” a few weeks ago, I instantly fell in love. I listened to Soul Dissolution previous records, a debut album “Pale Distant Light” and this year second full lenght „Stardust” a countless amount of times, and the brilliance of […]