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by Mariano

Cambion – „Unfold Chaos Supreme” Demo Lavadome Productions Cambion is an international strike of lightning Death, forged by T.R. in Germany and R.O. in the United States. Inspired by the molten records of ancient Slayer and early millenium evil Death Metal – Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Hate Eternal, Ophiolatry, and others – Cambion was formed in late […]


by Mariano

SODIO – „Void” Independent Over the past couple of years, we have seen the rise of roughly blackened crust/hardcore bands for every man, woman and child on this globe. It was bound to happen, with both styles favoring scathing guitars, pained screams, and aggressive if straightforward drumming. Both share a common hatred of human society, […]


by Mariano

Beyond Mortal Dreams – „As Death, We Shall Walk” Compilation Lavadome Productions Beyond Mortal Dreams has existed in the Adelaide/Australian metal scene since the mid 90’s, delivering a brutal style of death metal through their early live performances. However, it was in the early 2000’s when founding members Pahl Hodgson (aka Doomsayer) and Matthew Butt […]