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by Mariano

Devotion – „Devotion ” Oratorivm Records CD,Limited edition – 500 copies One of the most occult & furious hordes born in Santiago, CHILE – DEVOTION plays an aggressive Black Metal that works amazingly with some of the most extreme Thrash elements.So here you are, ready for a black/thrash attack, but there you have it: this […]


by Mariano

LOATHFINDER – „The Great Tired Ones” Godz o War Productions A huge beast lurks among the shadows of an ancient temple, yearning for blood and destruction. Its minions stand in a circle, surrounding a flame of pestilence. One by one, they sacrifice themselves, sacrifice their blood for their master. The monstrosity emerges, and its true, […]


by Mariano

Black Ceremonial Kult / Genocide Beast – „Demo XXIV / Demo XXV” Old Temple Two hordes split CD with debut demos. BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT (Chile) part is full of uncompromising, old-school black / death metal interleaved dark ritual intros. Forged in the occult, magic spells music, absolute must have for hellish sounds from South America […]