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by Mariano

  Ominous Shrine – „Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως” Goathorned Productions Limited Edition – 300 Copies Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως – „The path of the Apotheosis”- is Ominous Shrine’s debut album released under the banner of Colombia’s Goathorned Productions. Musically this album is oppressive, damn bloody oppressive; the guitars play suffocating black tinged death metal riffs […]


by Mariano

  Siniestra – „La inmortalidad de la muerte” Independent / Misanthropy Elite Productions & Iron Goat Commando. Limited edition – 500 copies Again thanks to courtesy of Digital Music Force Promotions I cross my paths with another Colombian Black Metal Combo – Siniestra who performs a Sinister Black Metal since 2007, an eminently dark and […]


by Mariano

Evil Nerfal – „Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.” Tribulacion Productions Thanks to my friends from Digital Music Force-Promotion in Colombia,I have a chance to discover another Black Metal gem from South American Underground!Colombian Black Metal Evil Nerfal was born as a project of two-man raw satanic black metal act with aggressive characteristics in its execution, […]