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by Mariano

Orthodoxy – „Shaarimoth” Limited Edition – 500 Copies Morbid Chapel Records Orthodoxy are one of those bands who capture the spirit and aggression that was present in all the 80’s and early 90’s black/death metal bands like Blasphemy, Abhorer, Sarcofago, Incantation , Mystifier, Vulcano etc. perfectly.Some claim there is no originality within the genre, but […]


by Mariano

Cultist – „Chants of Sublimation” Morbid Chapel Records Cultist is Italian/Norwegian project with members of Urarv, Dauden, Darvaza and Fides Inversa. You could feel a slight disillusionment, since the EP only features 23 minutes of playing time (although we are happy with 23 minutes of high quality songs). At the core of their somber tone […]


by Mariano

Bottom – „Epidemo” Deformeathing Production Hateful Music Terrorism,a borderland of grindcore / hardcore / death metal / crossover / crust punk…Generally Bottom is one big grinding insanity.Sound – a wall of guitars, very different tempo of the section and two screaming / growling vocals. The subject matter of the texts focuses on the social and […]