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by Mariano

Chaos Synopsis – „Gods of Chaos” Defense Records Limited Edition – 1000 Copies „Gods of Chaos” starts off with a BANG with the song „Raising Hell”.The riffing here is wonderfully heavy, a perfect beginning to the album. The same can be said for the rest of the album too, there is not a single song […]


by Mariano

R.O.D. – „#SocietyKill” Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion Limited Edition – 500 Copies I’ve had this album for quite some time and everytime I hear it I am impressed with the album.There is so much going on here.This album is sonic venom, filled with hate and anger, ultra heavy, violent metal that keeps the melody […]


by Mariano

Mascharat – „Mascharat” Séance Records – CD Limited Edition – 500 Copies Morbid Chapel Records – Tape Limited Edition – 100 Copies     The word Mascharat derives from the arabic language, and means „joke, prank, trick” and „immoral and chaotic situation”. Mascharat traces also the origin of the italian term „maschera” (engl. mask). Before […]