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by Mariano

Eternal Rot – „Cadaverine” Godz ov War Productions   Well, for a debut full-lenght, Eternal Rot „Cadaverine” is definitively a promising effort, making for an engaging couple of minutes of raw, very archaic sounding death/doom.I don’t even fucking understand how Mayer (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming) managed to wrestle such a horrifically filthy and sludgy […]


by Mariano

Lykhaeon – „Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls” EP Godz ov War Productions   Cavernous black/death metal bands are about a dime a dozen these days with a plethora of them coming out of the woodwork in the last few years. It is easy to dismiss Lykhaeon as just another one of these and not give […]


by Mariano

Truchło Strzygi – „Pora Umierać” Godz ov War Productions   After a short, silly introduction, the Polish combo named Truchło Strzygi starts with „Apokaliptyczny młot (Obliteracja poprzez życie)”, a song with hellish guitar riffs presenting real rock ‘n roll chord progression with driving riffs and pounding drums so fast it can make a McLaren look […]