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by Mariano

Mascharat – „Mascharat” Séance Records – CD Limited Edition – 500 Copies Morbid Chapel Records – Tape Limited Edition – 100 Copies     The word Mascharat derives from the arabic language, and means „joke, prank, trick” and „immoral and chaotic situation”. Mascharat traces also the origin of the italian term „maschera” (engl. mask). Before […]


by Mariano

Geisterfels – „La névrose de la pierre” Six Raw Records Nebel founded Geisterfels in 2013. She took her inspiration from bands such as Abigor, Satyricon or Gehenna and tried to recreate the atmosphere that could be found in old school atmospheric black metal.Nabel would incorporate fellow Nice-based multi-instrumentalist Aldébaran (Guillaume Vrac) of Darkenhöld in 2015 […]


by Mariano

Malefic By Design – „Definitive Indication of Supremacy” More Hate Productions Malefic By Design is a Finnish blackened death metal group formed in 2015 and comprises of heavily seasoned long term metal musicians. The members of Malefic By Design have released several previous efforts through multiple bands as Searing Meadow, Ablaze In Hatred, Fall of […]