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by Mariano

Ordinul Negru – „Faustian Nights” Loud Rage Music I simply can’t believe this band is still a subject of such anonymity. After last three spectacular albums Ordinul Negru are obviously still emphatic on remaining a hidden underground treasure for most. On the other hand, this very fact creates a mystery around this Romenian band. I […]


by Mariano

Saddayah – „Apopheny of Life” Loud Rage Music I liked this album quite a bit the very first time I heard it, but I’d have been hard-pressed to describe exactly why, since there’s not a whole lot about it that obviously sticks out from other death metal bands at first glance.There is no monotony to […]


by Mariano

Szamot – „Astral Domina” Independent Recent years are not the best for purely instrumental music – probably because we have become accustomed to vocal and we often treat music without it as something empty, unfinished. Fortunately, despite the unfavorable trend, there are still albums without vocals that are worth bending over.One of these discs is […]