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by Mariano

Epoch – „Sacrosanct” Lavadome Productions From Belgium comes the band Epoch. Not much is known about the band…Their release “Sacrosanct” was originally released in digital format in 2015, and was resumed on CD by Lavadome Productions in 2017. I personally feel that atmosphere is one very important factor when it comes to black-death metal, and […]


by Mariano

Soulrest / Обрій – „Soulrest / Obriy” Split / CD-R Trismus Records Two bands from the same city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine uniting to present two death metal tracks in native language. „Вічний занепад” aka „Perpetual decay, pt.II” by Soulrest and „Королівство зачинених брам”/”The kingdom of closed gates” by Obrij. SOULREST has 20+ years history and […]


by Mariano

Pestifer – „Execration Diatribes” Lavadome Productions Hailing from Portugal metropolis Oporto, Pestifer (Pestifer is Latin for Plaguebringer)are back to open the gates of hell once again. Founded in 2000, the band released one demo entitled “Brutal Eruption of Chaos”in 2009 so far. “Execration Diatribes” is Pestifer next step to reclaim the crown of the Portuguese […]