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by Mariano

Undercroft – „The Seventh Hex” Morbid Skull Records Undercroft, a name that is very well known when it comes to the Chilean metal music arena. The beginning of Undercroft is marked by the appearance of their mythical demos, released during the 1992-93 era.The demo releases were soon followed by two old school rooted death/thrash metal […]


by Mariano

Anarchos – „Invocation of Moribund Spirits” Morbid Skull Records Featuring past and present members of such bands as Eternal Solstice, Burning Hatred, Ulcerate Fester, Satanic Tyrant, and Profligate, ANARCHOS play total death metal for total death metal maniacs. Neither concertedly „old school” nor „modern” whilst rejecting neither when it comes to the grand, gutted spectrum […]


by Mariano

Total Inferno – „Return of Evil Chaos” Morbid Skull Records 12” LP (200 Black – 100 Transparent Red + Black w/Black Swirl copies) Based in Dals Långed, Sweden, TOTAL INFERNO started in the spring of 2014. Soon after their formation,they started to appear in some gigs and also participated on a compilation LP „Critical Mass […]