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by Mariano

  Pig’s Blood – „Pig’s Blood” Godz ov War Productions Erupting out of Milwaukee, like a purulent sore bursting open with a sickening torrent of pus and maggots,Pig’s Blood command attention with what is clearly an above-average debut release. Greg Godz ov War Productions is an über-kvlt label which selects its roster of artists with […]


by Mariano

  Persecutory – „Towards the Ultimate Extinction” Godz ov War Productions This album fucking shreds. It is soo evil sounding. When I listen to it I feel like brutally raping a priest then nailing him to an inverted cross. A.D.B is amazing behind the kit.The drumming is insanely fast. There are a lot of different […]

THE 135

by Mariano

  The 135 – „Lumen Per Lumen” Goathorned Productions Reissue – Digipak, MCD, Remixed, Remastered Limited Edition – 300 Copies This is The 135 debut EP a Black Metal horde hailing from France, comprising of three songs and clocking in at 20 minutes. The 135 delivers a very solid performance, the instruments all compliment each […]