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by Mariano

KALLOUSED – „Damn You Believer” (2016) Third-I-Rex Kalloused are a 4 piece hailing from the south coast of England with past and current members of Grey Widow, Thread and Beaten Up By boys.” Kalloused embracing a new mix of genres which is the offspring of sludge, post hardcore and blackened doom.This shit will make you […]


by Mariano

  Grizzlyman – „Grizzlyman” Re-release by Third I Rex Sludge/Metal trio Grizzlyman from Sweden is one that specializes in mixing dark and sludgy with rowdy and heavy.Third I Rex is re-release GRIZZLYMAN‚s firt self-titled EP (previously released on tape by the Netherland’s based, cult label, Tartarus Records)The musicianship from this band is greatly showcased here, […]


by Mariano

Decayed – „The Burning of Heaven”(2016) Helldprod Murder Records 500 copies Having been around since 1991, Decayed is one of the earliest black metal bands that come out of Portugal.”The Burning of Heaven” is the band’s 11th full length release in their 26-odd year career.”The Burning of Heaven” can be viewed as manna from Hell,blending […]