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IMPURE CONSECRATION/PUTRID-„Conjurations Upon The Impending Demise”

by Mariano

Impure Consecration/Putrid-„Conjurations Upon The Impending Demise” (2016) Espíritus Inmundos Records The production on this CD isn’t great, but then again very few death metal bands actually do have topnotch production anyways so this isn’t a big deal. The unrefined and unpolished feel of this CD almost helps the listener to really get a feel for […]

SELBST-„An Ominous Landscape”

by Mariano

Selbst – „An Ominous Landscape”(2015) Sun & Moon Records This record is glorious. This is what good Black Metal bands should all sound like. Speed used properly, drums don’t sound out of place, and they’re ridiculously fast at times.”Heterodox Reason” for example has parts with drums so fast you get confused almost. Riffing isn’t boring, […]

MAZE OF TERROR-„Ready to Kill”

by Mariano

Maze Of Terror-„Ready to Kill”(2016) Empire Records Maze Of Terror debut album „Ready to Kill” starts off with a sound audible gradually becoming louder and louder and eventually giving off images in the listener’s mind about some kind of human harvest and destruction of humanity on the way.Although this band may not too well known, […]