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by Mariano

Diabolus Amator – „Despotic Conjuring of the Soulless”(2016) Luciferic Triumph Records Limited edition, Digipak,100 copies It cannot be denied that Norway and Sweden are no longer the countries that rule the BM spectrum. Another country has evidently taken over from them, and is not likely to relinquish the mantle of power in the near future. […]


by Mariano

Idolatry – „Visions from the Throne of Eyes”(2016) Humanity’s Plague Productions The band sounds like a mix of many bands including old Emperor, and Tsjuder with a few of their own touches. One of the best things about this album is that the band isn’t afraid to stray from standard Black Metal sounds.This album is […]


by Mariano

  SERPENT SPELLS – „Mantras Within Ascending Fire” EP (2016) Godz Ov War Productions This three-piece combo from Bangladesh plays very pure, very oldschool, very filthy and very brutal black/death metal, and their debut EP „Mantras Within Ascending Fire”, is one of the most promising things I’ve heard in a while. Serpent Spells play very […]