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Veldraveth – „Malformations of God”

by Mariano

Veldraveth – „Malformations of God”(2016) Independent Veldraveth is not a typical black/death metal band in the vein of Akercocke or Belphegor.These Venezuelan guys like to combine blackened vocals with a rigidly defined song structure in old-school DM tradition. On top of that, there are some very distinct portions taking cue from the entire range of […]

Veter Daemonaz / Shadow ov Fenris -„Vade Retro,Sonnenlicht”(split 2015)

by Mariano

Veter Daemonaz / Shadow ov Fenris – „Vade Retro, Sonnenlicht” Nomos Dei The split „Vade Retro,Sonnenlicht” was recorded at Gravity Records studio in spring-summer 2015 by two Saint-Petersburg Black Metal acts:Veter Daemonaz and Shadow ov Fenris. Veter Daemonaz music on this split consists of 4 songs and one after one each track have a very […]

Primeval Mass- „To Empyrean Thrones”

by Mariano

Primeval Mass – To Empyrean Thrones (2016) Katoptron IX Records There is an instantly noticeable atmosphere on the album, the feeling is unmistakeably occult, and the entire album flow has a ritualistic feel.It’s just mindboggling how well the production suits the album,everything is perfectly clear and each instrument audible, while it doesn’t take away a […]