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by Mariano

Countess – „Fires of Destiny” (2016) Independent – Limited edition Digipak 1000 copies   The Dutch band has been around since the 90’s, and the many albums the band has produced over the years has revealed a decisively traditional heavy metal approach to black metal, a tendency which has only been made more apparent with […]


by Mariano

Impure Ziggurat – „Raping the Quantum Womb of the Macrocosm” Demo (2015) Magister Dixit Posers will hate a band like this. They’ll say they’re just noise. However, for those with a more discerning ear, „Raping the Quantum Womb of the Macrocosm” represents something much more than the noise perpetrated by many bands of this ilk. […]


by Mariano

Lustravi – „Cult of the Blackened Veil”(2016) Obscure Musick Lustravi, hailing from the North Florida Panhandle, is a ceremonial black metal band founded in 2014 by Morgan Weller (vocals, bass).Lustravi released their debut full length album in May of 2016 titled, “Cult of the Blackened Veil” which was mastered by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez known for […]