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by Mariano

Invocation – „Seance Part. I” (2016) Demo Godz ov War Productions Tape 100 Copies What you will find here is brooding, evil, a tremendous slab of razory sharp old-school blackened death metal , where they combine the high speed intensity of death metal and the crawling tempo of doom metal, like the early works of […]


by Mariano

Ignominia – „Falsa divinidad”(2015) EP Independent 100 Copies Ignominia is truly a band to be reckoned with.Their very unique mix of death, black, and thrash makes for a good listen.”Falsa divinidad” starts off with a somewhat hackneyed „scary noises from hell” intro, but it’s hardly a minute long, so it doesn’t take away from the […]


by Mariano

Helledéofol – „Black Acid” (2016) X-Ray Noise Tape Format – 25 copies Only thing I do know about Helledéofol is that they hail from the U.K. I received a tape with hand drawn note from the person standing behind this Beast.. „Black Acid”, the newest release is available the digital way on their independent (or […]