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by Mariano

ALENE MISANTROPI – „Absence of Light” (2016) DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS and THE HORROR DIMENSION Edition in jewel case CD limited to 500 copies I recommend you give this album a listen, no matter your favourite genre of metal.”Absence of Light” is generally the atmosphere of pain, sorrow, inhumanity. The songs are long and don’t bring […]


by Mariano

  Devilgroth „Morena” (2016) Narcoleptica Productions   Devilgroth is a two piece combo from a capitol of Siberia,Novosibirsk.”Morena” is a sixth full album by this Russian Black Metal horde.There are definitely moments of inspiration, but every time a song shows promise of leading the listener into new and interesting directions, it subsequently proceeds to fall […]


by Mariano

Impure Consecration – „Consumed by the Venomous Curse”(2016) EP Lord of the Flies Records The album itself is in total symmetry:after short „Intro” it starts off with the extremely brutal and enchanting track “Still of the Fog ” after which three more speed demons attack you.Impure Consecration may not be lifting fast death metal to […]