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Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent

by Mariano

Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent  Satanah Productions Yes. This comes definately out of hell. I’m sure! This album is a great punch in the face!”Newborn Serpent”has even more death metal influences then it’s predecessor debut EP”Warpact in Black”and takes the aggression to an even higher level. Especially the songs „Coronation of the Eternal and Pure” and […]

Kirkebrann – Når alt dør

by Mariano

Kirkebrann – Når alt dør  Blackcrowned Records This is quality black metal right here. At first I didn’t think I would like this album, but as soon as I gave it a listen I was hooked. I’ve been playing it nonstop.The music on „Når alt dør” varies from full blasting assaults such as the title […]

TERATOS-Road to the Antropophagia

by Mariano

  TERATOS – Road to the Antropophagia HATEMETALRECORDS AMERICA-500 Cds Limited Edition Зомби Records-Tape Limited Edition 100 copiesTeratos Lima based death metal group, has released their debut album, ‚Road to the Antropophagia’. Listening to this LP, I was surprised by the quality of everything on it: rock solid riffs which are quick and powerful, heavy […]