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by Mariano

Arche – „Undercurrents” (2016) Third-I-Rex ARCHE hail from the motherland of Funeral Doom (Finland) and if I were to die, I’d like to „Undercurrents” album to be played at my funeral as it is just the embodiment of (non-romantic) melancholy. This is what Funeral Doom is all about. This album is a must for anyone […]


by Mariano

Chaosbaphomet – „Promethean Black Flame” (2016) Deathrune Records There is a certain intelligence present in Greek black metal, coupled with constant reminders that metal is a musical style with a history and mythology, and did not begin with Scandinavia.Well, „Promethean Black Flame” presents a variety of styles / influences with Greek Black Metal being in […]


by Mariano

Abisso – „WRNSS” (2016) Third-I-Rex Abisso hailing from Cagliari, south of the Sardinian island,Italy.This duo made (I mean ABISSO and Third-I-Rex) one thing’s for sure, evoke on this album madness and insane.Chaotic, schizophrenic mixture of distorted black metal guitars, strange piano passages, eerie sound bites, audible tricks,is a well thought out formula of calculated chaos. […]