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by Mariano

Dark Awake – „Soil​,​Blood​.​.​.​And The Reaping Of Light”(2013) GREAT TURF DELUXE Records / IN THE MORNINGSIDE Records     Thank’s to courtesy of Shelmerdine VI a main person in Dark Awake I have a chance to listen a album originally released in 2013 and I was ask for review of this material… Let’s start this […]


by Mariano

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – „Madness Incarnate”(2016) Symbol of Domination Prod. / Black Lion Productions 500 copies NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS is an ambient black metal act from Philadelphia, PA.It was co-founded by American/Finnish dual-citizen Mika Mage (LAWRENCE’S CREATION)and Manuel Rodriguez in 2012, and has since put out a self-titled promo, a LP ‘Synkkä Tuuli’ (Finnish for “Grim Wind”) […]


by Mariano

Curse the Flesh – „Black Majesty”(2015) Independent I’ve been mourning the loss of the mighty Dissection for many years now, and enjoying their albums over and over again!. Luckily, one day thank’s to Zoheb from Qabar – Extreme Music PR who has been entrusted with the propagation of this release, so that it receives its […]