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by Mariano

Bloodred – „Nemesis” (2016) Digital – Independent To my surprise, I found this record quite enjoyable.BLOODRED plays black/ death metal of the more melodic kind, so the riffs are rather thrashy in parts and only mildly aggressive. There are also some solos throughout the songs, which are surprisingly good, very melodic at times, and make […]


by Mariano

Svoid – „Storming Voices of Inner Devotion” (2016) Sun & Moon Records Svoid is Black Metal act from Budapest,Hungary.Svoid was formed in December 2009 by ‘S’ with the intention to define a link between All and Nothing, which represents the formless End.Since their formation Svoid releases two albums and one Ep and single. „Storming Voices […]


by Mariano

Lihhamon – „Doctrine” (2016) Auto de Fe Prods Lihhamon play a very brutal style of death/black metal. They sort of sound like if Blasphemy and Necrovore fused together…Extremely Violent! There are no subtlties here, just feral death/black metal carnage. „Doctrine” is a debut album from this German band but pounds away with the murderous intent […]