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by Mariano

Eteritus – „Following the Ancient Path”(2016) Godz ov War Productions Well played, death metal with a heavy influence from Grave, old Gorefest,Bolt Thrower, and fellow English death-metallers Benediction. Very good, solid death metal, not the most original thing ever released, but Poland’s ETERITUS had the start somewhere, with their first full-length CD, „Following the Ancient […]


by Mariano

  0N0 – „Reconstruction and Synthesis” (2016) The House of What You See 0N0 from Slovakia is a relatively new band on the experimental doom front, but already they are ready to make permanent tracks in the history of doom metal.These guys REALLY know how to make an atmosphere,this is both bone-chillingly creepy and face-rupturingly frenetic, […]

HELLDPROD Murder Records

by Mariano

HELLDPROD MURDER RECORDS http://www.helldprod.com/ ♦♦♦ INQUISITOR – „Dungeons of Fear” Demo Tape’2016 – 2000 copies Helldprod Records Pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!INQUISITOR influence combines everything from Possessed to Discharge, cumulative ideas and musical apparition. It’s a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death and thrash metal, as well as appeal […]