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by Mariano

Turbocharged / Ragehammer – „Enlightenment by Bloodletting” (2016) Godz ov War Productions 7″ Vinyl-Limited to 300 copies     Coming together for this clash of brutality are two bands playing Black/Thrash Metal influenced by Punk in Turbocharged case. First up are Turbocharged from Sweden with „Bloodletting” track.Simplistic and at times pretty catchy,despite the fact that […]


by Mariano

Dakhma – Astiwihad-Zohr (2016- re-release) Godz Ov War Productions Limited to 100 copies on blood red cassettes You know that feeling you get the instant before someone punches you in the gut?This vicious one-man horde from Switzerland is like an authoritative iron fist straight into the gut of the pathetic so-called “bestial” scene. Dakhma’s release […]


by Mariano

Autokrator-„The Obedience To Authority” Godz Ov War Productions Brand new offer from French Autokrator „The Obedience to Authority” contains many levels of cold depressive doom/drone metal. But rather than letting itself be confined within that they’ve added crushing amounts of sludge and death influence to create a truly thick and painful feeling.In fact, the longer […]