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by Mariano

Pyromancer-„Demo MMXV” Godz Ov War Productions     Master of Graveyard Torment and Conqueror Horus hailing from USA with raw, dirty metal of black/death. The only words which can be used to describe this album. This is black metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago and Profanatica, just the way I love it.Posers will […]


by Mariano

Stillborn-„Testimonio de Bautismo” Godz ov War Productions This album fucking shreds. It is soo evil sounding. When I listen to it I feel like brutally raping a Nazarene Scum then nailing him to an inverted cross.August is amazing behind the kit. He has conquered the drums with precision and offers some voracious blast beats and […]


by Mariano

Sorem – „Legion ov Tengger Land” Salute Records     „Legion ov Tengger Land” is the band’s debut full length output filled by a perfect blend of traditional black metal with unique touch of „Asian” flavour- a nice fusion of traditional black metal with an oriental touch, bringing together the best of both worlds. Opening […]