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by Mariano

MORTUUS SUM Thank’s to Yngve from CHRITFUCK I get opportunity to experience the power of his other musical project Mortuus Sum.The band was formed in 2002, under the name Panzerfaust, by Yngve (guitars, drums) and Auren (guitars, bass, vocals). The band, had composed only a couple of songs, but they never recorded anything. They remained […]

Istidraj- Muerte Mundi Militia

by Mariano

Istidraj- Muerte Mundi Militia Iron County Records-Cassette(250 copies) Iron Blood & Death Corp-Cd format(500 copies) This album is glorious. This is what good Black Metal bands should all sound like.This album brilliantly manages to combine the atmospheric elements with a brutal black metal style in an absolutely fantastic way. Many bands have problems balancing the […]

Thy Worshiper „Ozimina” [EP 2015]

by Mariano

Thy Worshiper „Ozimina” [EP 2015] Arachnophobia Records It is a very unusual album, it can be labeled as symphonic folk/black/death metal. I don’t think I’ve heard an album before which was more deserving of a 100% rating. It doesn’t get any better than this.Although the other 3 albums are amazing, this is easily the best […]