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Midnight / Shitfucker-„Midnight / Shitfucker”

by Mariano

Midnight / Shitfucker -Midnight / Shitfucker(2015) Hells Headbangers Records(7″vinyl) Once again Hells Headbangers Records deliver a special split 7″,this time between MIDNIGHT and SHITFUCKER. Midnight and Shitfucker, both of whom recorded a brand new track for this split.On the side A we got Midnight track „Sadist Sodomystic Seducer”.In this exclusive song Midnight offers a dirty […]

Abigail / Shitfucker-„Bloody Your Lovely Pussy!

by Mariano

 Abigail / Shitfucker-„Bloody Your Lovely Pussy!”(2015) Hells Headbangers Records(7” vinyl) Hells Headbangers Records deliver a special split 7″ between two of the filthiest headbanging hordes in the metal underground, Japan’s ABIGAIL and America’s SHITFUCKER. Each band delivers a pair of exclusive tracks here. First is mighty Abigail who deliver brand of black thrashy punk rock-n-roll.In […]

Evil Army-„Violence and War”

by Mariano

Evil Army-„Violence and War”EP(2015) Hells Headbangers Records(12” vinyl)  Evil Army have offered up five ass kicking tracks of fast, punk fueled, hard rocking metal sounding like it could have come straight from the 80’s.The music virtually ooze with Venom and Exciter worship.The NWOBHM riffs with their punk speed and the pounding relentlessness of the very […]