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by Mariano

Introspection -„Human Emancipation”(2013) „The Great Anthropophagic Father”   What I get from Introspection is a brand new one track”Anthropophagy”which to announce a new album „The Great Anthropophagic Father”on the beginning of the next year and debut album from 2013″Human Emancipation”and let’s start from this record… All the tracks on the”Human Emancipation” are filled with fast […]

Teloch Vovin > Further Down the Tunnel(2015) Independent

by Mariano

Teloch Vovin > Further Down the Tunnel(2015) Independent http://scalesofvovin333.bigcartel.com Once I got used to the sound and could penetrate the fuzz I realised this is quite an intense and interesting album. The guitars sound like hissing snakes, spewing forth an endless stream of venomous riffs. Think Deathspell Omega’s most hellish moments.Production on everything is clear […]


by Mariano

MORTUUS SUM Thank’s to Yngve from CHRITFUCK I get opportunity to experience the power of his other musical project Mortuus Sum.The band was formed in 2002, under the name Panzerfaust, by Yngve (guitars, drums) and Auren (guitars, bass, vocals). The band, had composed only a couple of songs, but they never recorded anything. They remained […]