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ANTICHRIST stream IRON BONEHEAD debut at IndyMetalVault.com

by Mariano

Peruvian doom-death cult Antichrist stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Pax Moriendi, at heavily trafficked web-portal IndyMetalVault.com. Set for international release today via Iron Bonehead Productions, hear Antichrist‚s Pax Moriendi in its entirety exclusively HERE. Here is your funeral: welcome the end. Walk forth fully to the commencement of that funeral exclusively HERE, courtesy of IndyMetalVault.com. Cover and tracklisting are as follows: Tracklisting […]

MYRKAVERK streams BLUT & EISEN debut at InvisibleOranges.com

by Mariano

Norwegian black metallers Myrkaverk stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Naer Døden, at heavily trafficked web-portal InvisibleOranges.com. Set for international release on March 13th via Blut & Eisen Productions, hear Myrkaverk‚s Naer Døden in its entirety exclusively HERE. Hailing from black metal’s spiritual home of Norway, Myrkaverk fittingly brand their black metal „Nasjonalnekromantisk Svart Metall,” and indeed does it breathe the same cryogenic air […]

Non Serviam Records Signs Belarusian Black Metal Unit RAVEN THRONE , 6th Album „I Miortvym Snicca Zolak” Out 2 May

by Mariano

Emerged from the ancient city Polotsk in 2004, Belarusian band RAVEN THRONE is having 05 LPs and an EP in its amassment. The short lived first line-up collapsed after a few shows, the guitarist Chernotur(aka Dzianis Lukianovich, Thy Wings) kept the flame alive with War Head, who joined the band as a bass player in 2005. Encountering several lineup […]