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BURIAL SHRINE set release date for SATURNAL debut, reveal first track

by Mariano

Saturnal Records sets September 23rd, exactly on the day of the last equinox of 2018, as the international release date for Burial Shrine‚s striking debut album, Labyrinth of Bridges. A torrent of unrestrained urgency and strident militancy alike, Labyrinth of Bridges takes black metal’s intrinsic monochromaticism – madness and mysticism, fury and contemplation – to heightened levels of intensity and poignancy, rendering […]

TUNJUM stream DUNKELHEIT debut at IndyMetalVault.com

by Mariano

Peruvian death metal cult Tunjum stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Deidades del inframundo, at heavily trafficked web-portal IndyMetalVault.com. Set for international release on July 23rd via Dunkelheit Produktionen for the CD version (the vinyl LP version shall see release on August 1st), hear Tunjum‚s Deidades del inframundo in its entirety exclusively HERE. Completed by suitably ominous artwork courtesy of Alan Corpse, Tunjum make a grand, garish […]

BINAH set release date for new OSMOSE album, reveal new track

by Mariano

Osmose Productions sets September 28th as the international release date for Binah‚s highly anticipated second album, Phobiate, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Binah’s genesis can be traced back to sometime in 2010, when Aort started concocting early visions with the purpose of producing a recording of gothic, detailed, and blood-curdlingly morbid death metal. Shortly thereafter, I.R.G. and A. […]