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BESTIALORD: DreadCentral Premiered The Lovecraft/Horror Themed Doom Metal Album „Law of the Burning”

by Mariano

Doom death trio Bestialord features current and ex member(s) of Manilla Road and Sanctus Infernum. Their H.P. Lovecraft and Horror Movie inspired debut album „Law of the Burning” is out now jointly via Symbol of Domination Prod. (Russia) and Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA). Streamed by DreadCentral exclusively at this location, the full length can currently be streamed and purchased through Cimmerian Shade Recording’s Bandcamp or through Symbol of Domination’s Bandcamp. The band comments, „““Law Of The […]

GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS : ROTTING KINGDOM announce their debiut release

by Mariano

Godz Ov War Productions announce a debut EP from Lexington, Kentucky based, death doom metal Rotting Kingdom for an early 2018 release. The band comprises musicians known from groups like Tombstalker, Pyromancer, Nest, and Arktos. The contents of their first official release, simply titled ‚Rotting Kingdom‚, is three tracks lasting 24 minutes in total. Music-wise, the American quintet […]

GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS : STILLBORN to reissue ‚Mirrormaze’ and ‚Die In Torment 666′ on CD, and announce a new release!

by Mariano

On the occasion of their twentieth anniversary, the death black metal commando Stillborn have prepared a reissue of their first two demos which will now – for the first time – be available on CD limited to 300 copies. Original versions of ‚Mirrormaze‚ and ‚Die In Torment 666‚ will be released on a single CD, additionally enriched […]