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Funerary Bell – Graveyard Seance EP (2015)

by Mariano

Funerary Bell – Graveyard Seance EP (2015)   The foundations of Funerary Bell were brought to life in the year 2007 when the idea of performing brutal and primordial black metal was materialized from the thoughts of one called Invoker of the Shadows. The first compositions were performed in solitude the same year and a […]

Horacle – Dead Eyes Revelations (2015)

by Mariano

Horacle – Dead Eyes Revelations (2015) Being a long time fan of heavy/speed metal, L. Sabathan (ex-Enthroned) formed Horacle together with David D.C in 2007. Going through years of struggle to find the perfect line-up, they ended hiring Greg War on the drums and Dyno “Cousin Itt” on the 6 strings in 2009. The complete […]

Grimoir – Ingressvs Malorvm (2015)

by Mariano

Grimoir – Ingressvs Malorvm (2015) The journey begins in late Autumn of 2006 when five members got together and put a name in this story…. Simurgh, Gremmsekath and Hexer splitted up with their former band Skorbut – ( Pagan/Black Metal ), and after a very short time the idea of making a new band became […]