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SANGUE set release date for NUCLEAR WAR NOW! debut album, reveal first track – features members of Pungent Stench and Goblin

by Mariano

In service to the deities of ancient Etruria, Nuclear War Now! Productions hereby summons the first complete work of Sangue, Culś. International release date has been set for April 15th for the vinyl LP format. Although the band first officially revealed itself only two years ago, Sangue draws its lifeblood from the Etruscan forefathers that inhabited its homeland of current-day Italy […]

WITCHGÖAT: Toilet ov Hell debuts „Black Vomit of Souls” from the upcoming debut album „Egregors of the Black Faith”

by Mariano

Salvadorian black/thrashers WITCHGÖAT‚s debut full length Egregors of the Black Faith will be out on 13th February via Morbid Skull Records (CD & Cassette) and Hell Productions (CD). This album is the successor of the demo Umbra Regit that came out last year. Toilet ov Hell premieres the third track „Black Vomit of Souls” as the first glimpse of the album. Stream „Black Vomit of Souls”, courtesy of Toilet ov […]

Doom band Maestus release new lyric video

by Mariano

Doom band MAESTUS have just released a lyric video for the title track from their upcoming album Deliquesce. The album will be released on Feb 8th via code666. Watch the video here: https://doomedandstoned.com/post/182034325208/maestus Pre-order here: http://www.auralwebstore.com/shop/index.php In further news the band has announced some shows to coincide with the album’s release date. All dates can be found below: 02/22/2019 Portland […]