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NUKE set release date for HELLS HEADBANGERS debut, reveal first track‏

by Mariano

Out of the wastes of Detroit will come Nuke‚s self-titled debut album for Hells Headbangers, set for international release on July 22nd. With a virtual „who’s who” of Detroit metal-punk veterans, Nuke embodies the riffing of Restless and Wild alongside the attitude of Violence and Force or Branded and Exiled, but with an added sense of unique […]

HATESPIRIT stream ALTARE debut at NoCleanSinging.com‏

by Mariano

NoCleanSinging.com streams the entirety of Hatespirit‚s highly anticipated debut, Blood & Poetry, released May 1st via Altare Productions. A mysterious entity with no prior public recordings, Hatespirit hail from an ancient time of black metal. Resolutely and proudly primitive, the Finnish band gnarl forth with black metal that breathes a woodland atmosphere despite its harsh and hateful […]

ROTTEN CASKET set release date for UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT debut, premiere first track‏

by Mariano

Underground Movement sets June 27th as the international release date for Rotten Casket‚s Emerged From Beyondcollection. „Simply Rotten Death Metal” is how the five Dutch old-school deviants of Rotten Casket would describe their sound, and they are not far wrong. Made up from ex-members of Death Squad, Pulverizer, Deifecation, Bloody Remains, and Caedere, they have been […]