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Old temple newsletter

by Mariano

http://www.oldtemple.com/ ♦♦♦ Third HELLSPAWNs album will release in Old Temple ! This winter will be release „There Has Never Been A Son Of Me,” showing the new face of the band . Ten copyright death metal tracks contests Christian mythologies and its dogmas . More details soon. http://oldtemple.bandcamp.com/album/hellspawn-there-has-never-been-a-son-of-me ♦♦♦ Seven apocalyptic black metal hymns in […]

Pagan Records newsletter

by Mariano

       Track List: 1. First Wave Black Metal 2. Unleash the Dogs 3. Wróg 4. Warlord’s Fall 5. Knives 6. I am the Tyrant 7. Pure Hatred 8. From Homo Sapiens to Homo Raptor 9. Spotkanie z Diabłem (Krzysztof Klenczon i Trzy Korony cover) Cracovian act RAGEHAMMER have announced the release date of […]

Helvete 6: Black Masses-Black Metal Compilation

by Mariano

Helvete 6: Black Masses (Free Download)                                                                                                   […]