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Borgne – Regne Des Morts (2015)

by Mariano

Hailing from Switzerland, and thus being the first group from outside of Québec signed on Sepulchral Productions, Borgne plays cold, mechanical and inhumane Industrial/Black Metal, as martial as it is hypnotic. Do not expect any lame techno beats here, only blistering Black Metal done in a more “synthetic” way, with a dense, suffocating sound and […]

Shylmagoghnar – Emergence (2014)

by Mariano

Shylmagoghnar is a Dutch metal project founded by Nimblkorg and Skirge. The self-produced and distributed debut album „Emergence” was released in February 2014. The project originally started out as atmospheric progressive black metal, but over the years the sound took on a life of its own. Strong influences of melodic death metal can be heard. […]

Sakrificer – Desolate Darkness (2015)

by Mariano

Sakrificer – With strong influences that run along the vein of Slayer, Pestilence, early Vader and Sodom in addition to many others. Sakrificer has become an L.A. Death/Thrash band to be reckoned with, despite their efforts to remain underground it has become apparent that Sakrificer dominates every time they hit the stage and the demands […]