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NEBIROS: New song online

by Mariano

Today is the release of the NEBIROS album „VII”. To celebrate this milestone of NEBIROS, the Black Metallers and Folter Records have published another song of the new album. Listen to „Jabol” here: https://youtu.be/kWADqtmxXJQ More information: NEBIROS on Facebook Folter Records Solltet ihr noch nicht mit „VII” bemustert worden sein und einen Artikel zu NEBIROS […]

RUNNING DEATH (Thrash Metal) debut album „Overdrive”

by Mariano

RUNNING DEATH, top-notch Thrash Metal from Germany!   INFO: =Standalone class= In the year 2012 RUNNING DEATH for the first time managed to be heard and saluted outside of the THRASH METAL underground, thanks to their EP titled „The Call Of Extinction”. Their search for style, flow of ideas and songwriting started taking extraordinarily unique […]

UNDER THE BLACK SUN 2016 – first bands confirmed

by Mariano

The UNDER THE BLACK SUN FESTIVAL 2016 has confirmed the first bands. Some well-chosen Black, Doom and Death Metal bands will cover Helenenau (close to Bernau) in darkness again. The current billing looks like that: BORGNE ESOTERIC FIDES INVERSA We will keep you updated about new band confirmations and other news. The UNDER THE BLACK […]