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BLOODRED- (Blackened Death Metal, DE)-Debut album „Nemesis” (April 8th)

by Mariano

BLOODRED have started the recording for the longed-for by many debut album in summer 2015. For this the head of the band, Ron Merz, has teamed up with Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVES’ EYES) in its Mastersound Studio in Germany mid of July. For the two it was to continue the successful BLACKENED DEATH METAL cooperation from […]

DEATHCULT to reissue demo via INVICTUS, features BOLZER member‏

by Mariano

On March 28th, Invictus Productions is proud to present a CD version of the debut demo of Switzerland’s Deathcult, Demo ’12. Just like it’s titled, Demo ’12 was originally released in 2012 on cassette by Invictus and introduced this death metal quartet to the international scene. Even early on, Deathcult brimmed with a potent fire that betrayed […]

KAWIR set release date for highly anticipated new album, reveal teaser video‏

by Mariano

On April 30th, Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the long-awaited new album of legendary Greek black metallersKawir, Father Sun Mother Moon. Since 1993, Kawir have been one of the unsung pillars of the classic Greek black metal sound. While the names Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necromantia are incredibly important to that style’s foundation, it […]