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STELLAR MASTER ELITE – First song of „III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter” online

by Mariano

STELLAR MASTER ELITE have published the first song from their upcoming album „III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter”. You can listen to „Transmission : Disruption” here: https://youtu.be/lpkmvlcXTPk The third STELLAR MASTER ELITE album „III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter” will be released on October, 1st 2015 via Essential Purification Records. You will get access to […]

THYRGRIM – Next song of „Dekaden” online

by Mariano

THYRGRIM are doing the last steps to release their new masterpiece „Dekaden”. Now the German Black Metallers have released the first song of the depressive part of „Dekaden”. Listen to „Der Weg” here: https://soundcloud.com/thyrgrim_band/thyrgrim-der-weg Furthermore, THYRGRIM are confirmed for the Dark Troll Festival 2016. They will play a „special depressive show”, performing only stuff from […]


by Mariano

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