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NEKROFILTH set release date for long-awaited new HELLS HEADBANGERS

by Mariano

Hells Headbangers sets December 28th as the international release date for Nekrofilth‚s long-awaited second album, Worm Ritual, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. Although it’s been a seemingly long five years since Nekrofilth‚s debut album, 2013’s critically acclaimed Devil’s Breath, that’s not to say the band have been sitting idly by. During that time, founding vocalist/guitarist Zack Ripper relocated from […]

SATURNAL to release three-way split featuring DJEVELKULT, KYY, and NIHIL KAOS

by Mariano

Saturnal Records sets December 7th as the international release date for Kult of Kaos Serpent: a special three-way split of Satanic black metal from Djvelkult, Kyy, and Nihil Kaos. Although a traditional split in the sense of offering new songs from two (or more) bands, Kult of Kaos Serpent is more so a unified spiritual weapon – of antinomian black metal might […]

TOXIK ATTACK set release date for HELLDPROD debut

by Mariano

Helldprod Records announces January 31st as the international release date for Toxik Attack‚s striking debut album,  Assassinos em Série, on CD format. All hail the Gods of Thunder!!! Hear their high roar and rejoice to the lightning brightness coming from the darkest nights with the first Toxik Attack album named Assassinos em Série. Delivering a gold-plated classic speed/heavy metal magic, these […]