1.First off, I’d like to thank you Jairo for taking time to speak with Absit Omen Web-Zine. Describe the thoughts you had in conceptualizing the kind of band you wanted Chaos Synopsis to be.


Jairo: We were just a bunch of young people wanting to make extreme music and have our fun. So, when you think of the band, you would tell this is a synopsis of all the chaos around.


2.You’ve been through a number of labels with Chaos Synopsis. „Gods of Chaos” is your second album in a row for up-and-coming extreme metal specialist label Black Legion Productions. Are you happy the way Black Legion Productions handled the record, regarding promotion, distribution and marketing?Did you notice any difference with the other labels you’ve worked with over the years?


Jairo: They do a good distribution in Brazil and good promotion through the press here. But on the underground in Brazil, most of the sellings are made on concerts nowadays.


3.In the past you’ve released two records through Polish labels, second album „Art of Killing” via Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho and split „Intoxicunts” with Terrordome via Defense Records.Also the last album „Gods of Chaos” was released in Poland under the license of Defense Records. You also played a tour around Poland in 2014 and you done Terrordome cover „Cross Over Brazil”, it looks like your relationships with my country and the underground scene have a strong background and stories of cooperation. It would not be easier to move here to us he he, please tell me something more about this strong bond between Brazil and Poland.


Jairo: All started in 2009 when Psycho Records released our first album, then we had the chance to make a polish tour of 6 concerts in 2010, when we got to met the guys from Terrordome and I also met a girl in a concert that turned my wife a little time after. I often come to Poland to visit her family, learnt polish with her and have plans on moving to Poland some day, who knows when.
As for the band, I believe Poland is our best market in Europe, is the country where we need to be when in tour, always a good reception, good gigs and tons of wódka.



4.When you look back, which of the Chaos Synopsis albums do you find the strongest and why, with exception of this latest platter, of course?


Jairo: That is a hard question, as it changes from time to time, for now, „Seasons of Red” for me is the one I most like, musically we were more experienced as the production is really good and everything sounds awesome.


5.Find it quite a pity that a band like Chaos Synopsis, with a rich history and not to forget the better musical pieces like the last two albums, still hasn’t find the recognition it deserves. Do you think „Gods of Chaos” has the ability to change that?


Jairo:”Gods of Chaos” are a really cool and strong album and its helping growing the name bigger, as it was released in Europe by Defense Records, also in Mexico by Concreto Records and we’re having good responses for it.
But a band to grow bigger needs a lot of money to make the music reach the listener, and that’s the hard part of the business.


6.”Gods of Chaos” is a pretty brutal effort that leaves little to the imagination and yet it does manage to surprise here and there. Do you use a lot of time on trying to vary the music or is it something that just comes naturally?How do you write songs, is there a central songwriter in the band or does everybody contribute something to the process?


Jairo: Everyone contributes with ideas, the we gather together and everyone gives their thoughts on the new riffs, if we should put a melodie, change the line or something. So, everyone are together on that.
The music just happens, we never tried to follow a specific way, but normally it represents all the musics we’re listening to when making new songs.


7.The album is graced with an incredible organic and warm sounding production that is very easy to listen to while retaining enough grittiness. „Gods of Chaos” was recorded and mixed at Coruja Estudio and mastered at Absolute Master.I take it you are satisfied with the studios you’ve worked with to produce and mix this record?


Jairo: Totally satisfied. Our producer is Friggi, that also happens to be our drummer, founder of the band, guitar player on free time and a fucking good songwritter. So, this way its easy to reach what we want for the production and sound, as we have plenty of time to test everything and don’t spend a lot of cash on studio.


8.”Gods of Chaos” is a great thrash/death metal album on all aspects, one that doesn’t fear to slow down when the song calls for it, resulting in a creepy and evil atmosphere. A feature that was commonplace in the blooming scene of the mid ’90s, but something that was forgotten the last couple of years. Anything else you are especially proud of on this album?


Jairo: With the addition of Diego to the line-up, he brought a lot of good ideas and specially tons of awesome melodies, that are his strongest facet on guitar playing. The album is a good mix of everything we like on heavy metal and its styles.


9.Musically, „Gods of Chaos” contains a lot of diversity and the album is quite engaging. I like the balance that the band has between intensity and aggression but with an emphasis on progressive leanings and technical finesse. How difficult is it to find that balance?


Jairo: It just happens to be, I think it comes naturally, as its our way of writting songs since the beggining, changing little in the years, some times with more or less intensity.



10.One thing that definitely stands out on the new album is the eye catching artwork. Who is the artist who created this piece of art. What exactly does the cover represent and in what way is it tied to the album?Please tell us something about the lyrics of this album, as each song is dedicated to another deity, including the Chernobog of the Slavic ancient deity of evil, which again has connections with my country.


Jairo: Rafael Tavares is the artist who made it, he has awesome works. I gave him one idea, about what I wanted and he made it. If you look at the history of the deities on the album, everyone are related to chaos and in many religions, chaos is represented by snakes. Also by figures with great powers, as the one sitting at the throne.
When I started to write the album, I wanted an ancient god of Poland and found Chernobog to be the one I needed to write about. The music also has participation of 2 polish friends, Uappa (Terrordome) and Wojtek (Putrid Evil) singing their lines in polish, to make the sound greater and approach the roots of this god.

11.You’ve been in the music business for quite a number of years now. What drives you to keep going year after year while the music business is not in a very good state?


Jairo: As we joke here, people in their weekend play football, goes to pubs, make sports. We like to make music and be on the road. Me and the guys are really friends and we have lots of funs when travelling and playing.
And the way of continue to do that is making albums every 2 or 3 years.


12.Think you’ve succeed in giving the music an identity, an individual sound and style that people will recognize as Chaos Synopsis. Quite a feat in a scene as overpopulated as the current thrash/death metal scene. Do you feel you’ve found the right style for the band?


Jairo: I believe yes. Since the core of the band was always me and Friggi, we got to put our identity and tried, as much as it is possible, to make our own sound. Comparisons with other bands are inevitable, but I believe we work well whats and influence and what we sound like and with time, identity is created.



13.How would you describe your musical progress from the 2006 demo „Garden of Forgotten Shadows” to now? What do you think about the progression your band is taking?


Jairo: There are 12 years since we release our demo and that’s a lot of time. We’ve grown up as musicians, got experience and good stuff from every member that passed on the band. I believe in terms of music, if you listen to our demo and our last album, you’ll realize the core of them is the same, through the years we just came adding new stuff, melodies, different arrangments, different lines on drums, some experimentation, but, once again, its the same band with little more skills.


14.With the band’s music being as diverse yet extreme as it is, you could easily tour with melodic acts like let’s say Arch Enemy, Diabolical or Scar Symmetry as to more traditional sounding bands like, Necrophobic or Vomitory. I guess this is really the band’s forte; the ability to blend into different markets.


Jairo: Thats a good point of view and that is us. Everyone on the band listen to almost everything, as example I listen to a lot of death and black metal, Friggi loves Hard Rock and Diego listen a lot of different stuff, as we say, we are rock ‚n roll band. We can be on any gig and I believe people will have fun with our concert.


15.What is the hardest part about being in a touring metal band and what is the biggest obstacle your band faces? Can you think of any disastrous events that happened while out on tour? How did you solve the problem?


Jairo: On a long tour, a big problem lies on resistance. Almost everyday you are tired as hell, eating shit food, drinking a lot of beer, sleeping little. At the end, sometimes you just want your bed.
We had problems on last tour of getting to the pub in Prague, but guys were really bad, with fever and pain. We stood there ’till we could so maybe they could get better, but was impossible to make the gig, unfortunatelly. Also, eating different food and beer everyday, you go thrice in restroom, that is a fucking SHIT problem, haha.




16.When you are out on the road anything can happen and often does.I am sure you see and experience many different things you might not even have known existed. Are there any stories that stand out in your mind as being exceptionally strange or odd?


Jairo: When on the road you get to meet a lot of different person, places and culture. As example, first time we played in France and after the concert, every guy there came to us kissing our cheek twice, that was REALLY odd.
Also, last year, one day before tour started we went to drink in Cracow and we got REALLY drunk. Next day we were looking some videos we shot and discovered we did a LOT of stuff that no one remembered and we were shouting a funny stuff. Then we started to shout it at the start of every gig on Poland ”Jestesmy Chaos Synopsis z Brazylii i chcemy jebac cipa o smaku cipy”. Haha. Drunkness sucks!

17.The public perception of life on the road differs greatly from the reality of it. Can you tell me a little bit about how you travel and hat accessories do you equip your ride with to make the time go by? What are the living arrangements like while on the road and what is the one thing you travel with that you just can’t live without?


Jairo: Most of the time you are on a van, making nothing except for waiting to arrive at the place you’ll play. So, only option is to talk, talk and talk with the guys, sleep or being on internet. It sucks hard to travel everyday. In 2014, we traveled more than 3.000 km in three days, stoping just to play, with no time for nothing.
As we don’t have much space to take stuff to make our time go by, smartphone saves the day, always.


18.What is next for Chaos Synopsis?Do you have any touring plans for the immediate future, domestic or international?


Jairo: We’re planning two releases for next year, one is the rerecording of our demo Garden of Unforgotten Shadows, that we gave the title ”Unforgotten Shadows”, and for the second half of the year, we’ll release our fifth studio album, but it is on initial stages yet.
Also, we keep touring domestic for this year and the next, planning an euro tour for 2020.



19.Thanks for the interview Jairo and good luck with all Chaos Synopsis future endeavours. I would like to extend my praise for a killer album which is „Gods of Chaos”. The last words are yours,feel free to add anything you want…Hailz!


Jairo: Thanks for the space and glad you enjoyed our music. Hope to find all of you on the road sometimes and I can’t wait to be in Poland again, that is my second country, as pretty much all in my home is made on polish way by my wife.