Chaos Synopsis – „Gods of Chaos”
Defense Records
Limited Edition – 1000 Copies

„Gods of Chaos” starts off with a BANG with the song „Raising Hell”.The riffing here is wonderfully heavy, a perfect beginning to the album. The same can be said for the rest of the album too, there is not a single song on this album, from beginning to end, that dissappoints the listener. Every track had some new way to make you want to bang your head into mush, and then some. The music chugs along with killer riff after killer riff and flow together very well, not letting up until the very end. Such an intense death/thrash mixture!The musicianmanship on display with Chaos Synopsis fourth album is incredible.The guitar sound is sharp and cutting, kind of like they are using electrified razor wire instead of strings..”Gods of Chaos” is packed with majestic guitar riffs interwoven with the framework of death metal and features thrash metal choruses so old-school and authentic that it will be looked back upon ten years from now and still be a post-period classic. The layer of sound which envelopes the listener throughout each track is so captivating that it completely eclipses most albums in modern day hard music. I have always held quality death and thrash metal close to my heart!For a band of their brutality and skill, Chaos Synopsis metal is infectious. Most technical bands are so focused on showing off their talent that they loose any sense of songwriting and composition, and they become bland and pompous. This isn’t Chaos Synopsis problem. The riffs are incredibly catchy and they’re well incorporated into the music.They’ve succeeded in mixing old thrash sensibilities, new brutality standards and excellent riff writing into a sound that is both unique and traditional.Chaos Synopsis rhythm and low end are exceptional at their instruments. Jairo Vaz supportive bass work brings body and enhances the guitar riffs. Sometimes, Jairo Vaz comes out from the low end to add his two cents to the compositions. Friggi MadBeats drumming is extraordinary and varied. He is reserved while being incredibly accurate. He employs double bass drums in places where it fits, as well technical fills and crashes, while reducing his playing to simple beats and rhythms. The vocals are brutal and powerful. The album is moderately technical, but the most important thing on this album is the high quality musicianship that it possesses.This is definitely recommended to so many people who love that great 80’s thrash/death sound and dont know where to look.