Corpse Garden – „IAO 269”
Godz ov War Productions

For whoever likes good technical music, it’s worth listening to Costa Rica, Corpse Garden new album „IAO 269″ . The guitars are great, they fit the songs with ideas never seen in any other bands. The bass puts a touch in the band cause it is the most explored instrument in terms of technical inovation in this record. It is always in the most creative rithym, but it does not lose it’s feeling and melodic sense.Each song is very different, and the album doesn’t get stale while you’re listening, which is good because it is relatively long and has some interesting instrumental pieces.The main stuff about the band is the capacity of playing all the technical part without losing the sense of music for itself. It is actually good to listen to Corpse Garden, not only because of the splendid technical stuff but because of the music, that sounds good.Corpse Garden used different kinds of riffs. Sometimes hardcorish and sometimes dissonant and refering to certain older Voivod, Prong or Celtic Frost aspects. They blended these riffs with Portal,Tribulation inspired death metal and a very talented and creative drummer, Erick Mejia.
This album has it all, pristine production, stellar musicanship, and some of the best song writing I have ever heard. Reviewing this album on a song by song basis is pointless because there are so many riffs that it would be quite a task. However, don’t let this discourge you from listening to it. The more you listen to it, the better it becomes. The percussion on this album has it all, a wide array of blastbeats, a ton of sick fills, and some really nice cymbal work. The vocals are constantly shifting between growls, shouts, screams, and snarls. This vocal diversity is exactly what the band needed to complete their sound. The guitars and bass are very dark and heavy, but still very technical.They seem to flow well with the songs and accent certain parts very nicely. There are some parts of the songs that are very melodic and almost relaxing.
Corpse Gaarden is fearless, and the sophomore approaches its death-industrial-theatrical – symbiosis differently than, say,Portal,Blacklodge or Arkhon Infaustus; but it’s just that sometimes the spurts of brilliance are too brief and disappear beneath the impetus to keep the riffs flying, varied, busy, and slightly schizophrenic. Contemporary to a fault. Unabashedly ‚now’. The lyrics deal heavily in the concepts of Cosmos ,Death, Life, Anti-Religion of civilizations and individuals, and do so intelligently enough.”IAO 269” had character and is very orginal and those facts alone are remarkable already within the death metal scene.