Dalkhu – „Lamentation and Ardent Fire”
Godz ov War Productions

Glorious. „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” – the kind of album while listening to it someone has to ask himself why there hasn’t existed something similar before. Thereby the fundamentals are quite obvious: A production so unutterable black and reachable still escaping the clutching limbs in its franticness, a vocal performance which convulses marrow, bone and the Norwegian scene in their foundations and in the end the essence: Atmosphere in wasteful abundance.
There is so much going on in each song that it seems pointless to even try describing it. These are densely-packed, massive oceans of fury and emotion, cut apart here and there amazingly delicate melodies. „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” is dark, evil, death, black, cold and with even a few shades of folkloric atmosphere to top it all off. Most of all the guitar riffs absolutely slay. This album offers a vast array of deathly compositions. This is quite rare in this stagnant style of music. I have heard this album being labeled epic black metal although it can be very melodic due to the variety of incredible riff structures I prefer to think of it as melodic death/black metal the way our beloved metal gods would see it. Epic sounds far too castrated for this absolute riff monster of an album.
The production is crystal clear and conveys the proper atmosphere for head banging metal music. The plethora of riffs at the forefront combined with the deathly vocals without being drowned out by blast beats or other rhythmic problems. Rest assured this album has thrash riffs, death riffs, impending doom riffs and black metal riffs and not of the faux half ass kind you’ll find on your local metalcore station.Even a few acoustic sprinkles and operatic vocals painted a very morbid contrast with death vocals, which aren’t done gratuitously. This is an album of experienced musicians firing on all cylinders. The drums are always aggressive and well played but only overbearing on certain sections. The rhythm guitar just shatters all in its path with some excellent guitar solos included in every song. The vocals are deathly shrieks of horror not even suited for the deep burning abyss.
I could go into detail about the songs here, but honestly there is no filler material here. Every track on „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” is great if not terrific. This is definitely Dalkhu best work since debut album „Imperator” from 2010. The one word of warning I will give is that „Lamentation and Ardent Fire” takes a few listens to absorb and get. I had to listen to it quite a few times to absorb all of the details going on here, but once you do it really shows all of its strengths.