Deathwinter – „Manifestations of Death”
Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
CD -Limited edition
500 copies

Since if you managed to find your way here, you are probably already somewhat familiar with Aussie Deathwinter. I had high hopes for this debut album, manifested strictly for bestial black metal fanatics, and for the most part am satisfied with it in my collection.

„Manifestations of Death” is an extreme album, inevitably one that is going to divide reviewers into two distinct camps: those that worship it for the bestial, destructive black metal that it is and those that can’t understand it as anything other than a wall of noise.If you’re looking for melody, musical progression or accessibility then you’ll be disappointed. It needs to be made clear straight away that this is a completely different strain of black metal to the typical Norwegian stuff.

Deathwinter uses Blasphemy-esque riffs with a greater emphasis on sounding evil and speeds it up a bit, a sense of chaos coming with that.This is a pretty solid piece of devastatingly raw black metal. Deathwinter managed to produce a big sound, with pounding drums of simple patterns, grinding guitars sounding like a horde of killer bees, and bestial vocals, all superimposed on simple songs that allow them to go nuts on their instruments.They gain momentum with crashing guitars that sound like mortars exploding, insane growling vocals that become so distorted with bloodlust they are completely indecipherable at times. The drums pound with barbaric ferocity, ready to slay anyone and anything in their path. If you enjoy your metal raw and dirty and somewhat repetitive with questionable production, this recording will quench your thirst in a big way. I spin this for days and highly recommend it to goat worshippers of Blasphemy,Archgoat and old Beherit.The music is abrasive and requires an understanding of this style before one can really appreciate it. Many will write this off as obnoxious noise without realising that that is what Deathwinter set out to acheive anyway. If this is your first foray into this style of music, I’d recommend you jump back a few years to hear something less extreme like the bands mentioned above.This is metal! Pure Fucking Satanic Black Metal! Play this CD as loud as you can, and watch your neighbors suffer apocalyptic death!!