Dekapited – „Sin misericordia”
Defense Records

Originated in the Commune of Macul, the Chilean old school thrashers DEKAPITED has constantly been expanding their horizon since their formation in 2006.Throughout all of their releases, they clearly demonstrated their ruthless skills to play violent music just like the masters of Latin American thrash metal. „Sin misericordia” (Without Mercy in English) is the band’s latest EP, originally released on CD format by the Chilean label Suicide Records in the early June. Most recently, El Salvador based label Morbid Skull Records has released it on both CD and tape formats.
Pretty fast forward old school thrash in the vein of old Kreator or Sodom. Ripping riffs and very old-school thrash screams, utterly demonical and energetic-as-hell. It’s difficult to resist the energy and mosh/headbang-friendly tunes of „Sin misericordia”. Cause it has that certain thing that just get your feet and hands going.There is good riff after riff in this intense thrash. It’s high speed, angry, catchy, lot’s of hooks, fast songs. As soon as a solo starts you can’t help but to do some airguitaring. The bass is quite audible and pummeling, which adds a nice flavor. Bass has a tendency to more just lurk in the background, but here it’s really part of the music outcome. The guitar solos are sharp and ripping, the drums are quite hammering, and as I said the bass is pummeling. Add to that the quite gurgling screams of Camilo Pierattini and you’ve got yourself a killer album.They’re sound is classic,fast,wicked and thick,perfect for the music and will make you want to commit random acts of violence.
The entire „Sin misericordia” should easily satisfy any fan of screaming old school thrash. It’s energetic-as-hell and a perfect album for an evening of beers with your mates.If you like thrash, if you want old school thrash that isn’t the same overly played style, and enjoy banging your fucking head while chugging beer, BUY THIS ALBUM!