Devourer – „Across the Empty Plains”
Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Devourer was founded in Sandviken, Sweden in 2002 by John Steinfaust Falk and in 2007 vocalist Fredrik Crocell Håf joined the band. When describing Devourer in terms of genre black metal, or second wave black metal, is the prefered label. Swedish black metal, blackened death metal, black/death metal and so on are genres mixed on the latest album „Across the Empty Plains” but hellish duo prefer to keep it simple and just call it black metal.
This album is just a fine example of what true metal is in these shitty days of ours, is a fairly straight forward Black Metal, hate fueled, barage of driving rhythms, and aggressive riffs. Sort of coupling a thrashy rhythm sensibilty, as far as rhythmic dynamics, and vocal patterns go, with a Black Metal reliance on the ultra aggressive in your face blasting feel. Nicely intermingled, this is a nice follow up to their previous materials.
“Across the Empty Plains” was pure metal euphoria the moment I turned it on. You know that chill you get down your spine when something has you really excited? That’s what I felt during every moment of this album. The sound is most certainly blackened death, but each song is unique and easy to differentiate from one another. You have the tracks which are simply fast, straight-forward black/thrash-assaultsThen, you have songs which contain catchy-as-hell riffs and even catchy-as-hell choruses.
The album continues on with a variety of paces, epic arrangement and furious playing. The production is perfect for this kind of music. It sounds strong and powerful, while still being easy to mistake for something twenty years old.
This is how Black Metal should be. Many bands spring up after hearing a random album from the second wave and they move on to assume that they know all there is to know, yet their music will always betray their ignorance. Devourer roots are in the old 80s bands, and it shows through very clearly. This is the only way it should be.