Dominate – „Cálicem Serpente”
Black Serpent Records

„The band was consolidated in 2008 in Manizales – Colombia, looking for a sound of its own, we started with the Black union with Thrash metal, where we shape our ideological concepts that deal with Paganism, Occultism, World Wars, philosophy, the return of Man to his mystical union with the universe and nature…
In the year 2015 we return to study to record the first cd of the band titled „Calicem Serpente”, which went on the market in December of the year 2016 under the production of the Black Serpent Records and Holocaust Records, „

Few weeks ago I received an email from Digital Music Force Promotion and they started giving me materials from bands who are sitting deep in South American Underground. For this reason I found Columbian the black metal war masters, War Legion and EVIL NERFAL and also Dominate – Black/Thrash Metal Combo from Manizales.I really dislike using expletives in reviews; it’s highly unprofessional and using it tends to imply a certain limitation in vocabulary. However, sometimes strong language IS the best way to describe music.Dominate , „Cálicem Serpente” is one such example. This album was released in 2016 by Black Serpent Records and went by largely unnoticed and unsung; a shame, because the material presented actually does merit a „UNHOLY FUCKING SHIT!” this time.This is Dominate first full-length album, consisting of 8 tracks, and clocking in at 38 minutes. The title track „Brave Warrior” erupts into a blistering onslaught of blackened thrash which downright pummels the listener into the ground. The drumming is murderously precise, the vocals somewhat reminiscent of Aura Noir or Old; however, the riffs are what truly make this album what it is: There has hardly been anything this close to what blackened thrash should sound like since „Cold Steel… and A Call to Arms „were released.In terms of songwriting, Dominate is somewhere between old Desaster and early Destroyer 666. These are catchy, aggressive, thrashing songs, and for the most part, the whole album is full-speed-ahead. The bands does a great job making each song memorable, though: some of the more epic songs will get stuck in your head the first time through. „Imperial Army” is another great song, chock-full of excellent riffing and inspiring vocal lines. As a matter of fact, the lyrics are worth mentioning throughout — this band manages to pack a ton of feeling and meaning into these songs, so multiple listens will be rewarded…
The last few years have seen lackluster releases from many of the best black/thrash bands, but fortunately, Ketzer is ready to Take This Torch! If you like Desaster, Destroyer 666, Gospel of the Horns, Urn, Nocturnal, Urgrund, etc., you must hear this record. If you fancy old-sounding thrash/death metal with a blackish edge to it, you’ll love this. Fucking top notch. This is god-damn incredrible; it has it all. The drummer is amazing in both terms of speed and creativity. The riffing is perfect, and the vocals leave nothing to wish for. I have never longed more for a next album.Badass all the way through. Essential.Highly recommended.