1.What was the main reason to create Funeral Baptism?Describe the thoughts you had in conceptualizing the kind of band you wanted Funeral Baptism to be.


Basically I wanted to create a really fast, atmospheric Black Metal project. Combining Death Metal and Black metal but letting the brutality of death metal apart just certain I took like palm muting style of riffings from time to time or a lot of changes in the music structure.



2.On my interviews,mostly I like to present the band’s to the people that aren’t familiar with. For them, how would you describe Funeral Baptism, not only musically, but also, perhaps, philosophically?


Musically fast, atmospheric with many colours in our compositions. Philosophically I believe in a Black Metal without cliches I mean If I talk about god or satan I do it through a Story or Historical events. I want to somehow break that stupid thing that some Black Metal musicians have, they come from really organized countries, really low crime rate and things like this and they believe they are SO evil, they did not see evil thats why they talk so much about. Me, Im a normal guy I have seen evil from where Im coming from and thats what we talk real evil no what super pop bands are singing about, so basically our philosophy is REALITY BEYOND CLICHE.



3.I know that the other members of Funeral Baptism are/were involved in some other bands. Can you introduce us the related bands, projects with Funeral Baptism members?


At the moment in the band we have 3 members: Me on guitar and vocals, Doru on drums and Andrei. Im just devoted to this project, Andrei the other guitarist as well but Doru is involved in many projects. He plays drums for us, Malpraxis, Synse Saze Tri and many other projects.



4.Do you feel that it has become more demanding or complicated to write/ composing new songs after playing in several bands before, for so many years, or is it something that happens naturally?


I have moments. Sometimes I cannot write anything with the guitar even when I really want to play. Other times im really motivated and thats when the magic appears. Normally I prefer to try to compose in the early mornings or really late at night. I need to be in an enviroment with silence.Doesn’t bother me the fact that before I play in other bands as I always tried MY style in everything that I played so previous bands does not change my way of writing.



5.Your band was formed back in 2012 and your first EP „Blasphemous Desires” was released independently in 2013 where the next one, „Gate”(also EP) 4 years later . What happened in the meantime and can You said a few words about this two releases, please.


We launched digitally only and for free „Blasphemous Desires” with a friend called Alejandro Olmedo (Perosum guitarist)to be honest at the beginning we wanted to just make an ep of black metal, we always wanted to play this genre never had the time bbut it seems that we found a moment so I put myself to compose right the way. In those 4 years I kept playing in my band Mutilation Death a band of death metal from my little town Villa Gesell in Argentina, after many years and a long story I ended up here in Romania with my wife (Romanian) and I met liviu and we decided together to reform Funeral Baptism. When „Gate” came out I heard really good reviews about it, I didnt get crazy on the compositions but yes I wanted something really heavy and solid, with a good sound and I think we achieved it. At the other hand Blasphemous was more directed to the complex composition and atmosphere.



6.What does Funeral Baptism mean to you? Do you take it dead serious or the band is just some form of entertainment to you?


Funeral Baptism is really important for me as I put all my bad thoughts and all the anger in the music in order to feel better with myself, I take it as a therapy.


7.What kind of the reactions to the new album „The Venom of God” you already have? Perhaps it is still a bit too early, but nonetheless, you may have already read some reviews. What were reviewers blaming you for and what did they praise you for the most? Do you consider such reactions as important?


I really dont care about what people say but I really like from time to time to read just for curiosity. We got good reviews for the album when it comes to composition, the atmospheric vibe is what the people liked the most about it. But also we got some bad points when it comes to sound quality and album duration.



8.Funeral Baptism music has a lot of negative and dark feelings. Melodies sound as if they were dug out of an ancient crypt and the vocals sound like a very demonic ode to horror. All this, of course, cannot work without a proper stale sound; without which all that would be completely different. How did you get such a sepulchral sound? Could you reveal where did you record „The Venom of God” and what atmosphere prevailed during the recording sessions?


Basically its me, the guitar and the computer for recording. When I have material I need to make the drums and everything in order to have the proper demo song before going to the studio. In regards to the soun of the band as dark, demonic, I dont know I think I like just too much evil sounding music and maybe,I have really dark moments that makes me write music the way I do. The album, got many stages. I recorded the guitars and the bass at my place, drums were recorded in a studio and the master in another studio of a friend of ours. First thing we told him was, please make the guitars sound cold as fuck, he achieved.



9.What interests me most about your music is that your sound is very close to that Scandinavian second-wave of BM, but your harmony is not at all typical for bands from these countries, it does not contain so much typical melody, everything is even more decadent and more threatening. Where do you draw inspiration for writing music?


I have to say that Tango, Argentinian Folk its too sad, I have raised with these music since I was a kid, my uncle my grandfather they are guitarist as well, maybe that sound influenced me in a weird way in which I was able to combine it with Black Metal.



10.Many bands trying to sound like old school today are largely copycats of a particular band or two, three ones. Do you think there is still room for bands wanting to play „old” true Black Metal, to bring something fresh or at least partially original? How do you perceive Funeral Baptism from this aspect?


I think it is really difficult, because it seems that everything is done. I try of course to bring fresh things but it is really difficult to achieve a sound like that again. I think Funeral combines Death with Black in a way that is not THAT obvious and combined with atmosphere and some “HOPE” riffs or sorrow if you want, makes something more special if you will.



11.Could you write something about the lyrics you prepared for „The Venom of God”? Which topics resonate mostly with you? What would you say to the fact that many people take such topics as unnecessary metal clichés?


Cannot answer this one very good as Liviu left the band. He read many books regarding this topic.



12.Guys You’ve been playing music for so many years, releasing albums with your previous and current band. Can you say that you’ve reached the goal you’ve set for your life (music wise), if you had one? Also, what motivates you to keep on going, to keep on touring and always outdoing yourselves?


I do it as therapy and I will never stop it because it helps me to feel better with myself. I havent reached the goal as I would like to get to way more people but in a good way I want to help people with my music as a escape from their problems. If one day someone will tell me that my music helped him, in that moment my goal has been reached.


13.Romanian Metal scene is certainly not one of the world’s most renowned, but you definitely have your scene. Which Romanian Metal band would you picked out as the biggest and the most remarkable one?


For sure Negura Bunget is the one that put Romania in the extreme metal scene. Also we have Bucovina another band of Folk that are really patriotic and brings so many people to the concerts. I think at the moment is the biggest Romanian band.



14.Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with Romania. Still I haven’t been able to visit it (yet), but it’s definitely one the places I’d like to visit the most in a near future. I just have these images on my mind that makes me believe it is indeed a marvelous and beautiful country. Please, tell us about Romania in general, whatever you’d like to tell us about your country, about your city Bucharest as well as what we can not miss at all when visiting Romania.


So much History, a beautiful country with so much to see. Unfortunately I cannot say everything but from castles to natural resources is amazing. I think everyone should come at least once to see for themselves how beautiful it is here.



15.What are the plans for the nearest future. How are you going to promote „The Venom of God”. Are there any concrete hostilities planned by You and Loud Rage Music?OK that’s all from me, thanks for your time. Last symbolic word belongs to you.Hailz!


With the departure of Liviu I will be making vocals and singing so at the moment we are preparing for some shows and a EP that we hope will be ready by August.